The Author (Episode 42)

The blaring sound of sirens rent the air as Kachi and his men were about to enter the park. They all halted in their tracks. Kachi swore loudly. 'The police are here. We have to go. Start moving to the vehicles', he said. 'What about the Author? He's not dead yet. We should be able... Continue Reading →


The Author (Episode 38)

Audu's right hand travelled under his pillow as he continued to stare at the Author. 'If you're looking for your weapon, don't bother. I took the liberty of relieving¬† you of your weapon before waking you up', the Author said. He brought out Audu's gun as he spoke. Audu, seeing that he was weaponless decided... Continue Reading →

The Author (Episode 34)

Michael knew exactly who to send, for this particular mission. Abdul had not disappointed him before. He had been one of the best sharpshooters when he was in the Special Forces. Abdul had helped Michael to eliminate some persons that seemed elusive to others. Abdul was more expensive but he always got the job done.... Continue Reading →

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