The Vipers Ep.1

The communication lines were buzzing as people across six African countries; Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, Cameroun and Togo were monitoring the health status of Dike Amadi, the Supreme leader of the Vipers fraternity who lay on his sick bed suffering from cancer in a private hospital close to the Vipers’ headquarters in Nigeria. The hospital had earlier evicted other patients before Dike Amadi was admitted. The Supreme leader of the Vipers was receiving the best medical care that the fraternity could afford but this was to no avail as he looked to be getting worse with each passing day.
‘How long do you think he has left? ‘ his first son, Ikenga asked the doctor. ‘Two days more or less’.
Ikenga left the hospital deep in thought. He was the first of six sons of Dike Amadi. Ikenga was a giant of a man standing at six feet four. He was dark skinned, muscular and very cunning. ‘The coronation games will soon begin’ he thought . He knew that the odds were in his favour. He had the best men; an advantage that came with living at the headquarters. ‘ I would have to fortify my personal security though. One can never be too careful’, he said to himself . He decided to address his family as soon as he got home. It was time to prepare for the coronation games… be continued.


2 thoughts on “The Vipers Ep.1

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  1. Too short to be an episode, so to say that you didn’t actually leave a mark that will make me wanting to come back.

    It’s more like leaving someone hanging when actually you’ve not really introduced something.


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