Vipers Ep. 2

The Vipers fraternity had risen to become one of the most powerful fraternities in Africa. It had a lot of judges from different African countries on it’s payroll. Politicians were also in their debt as the fraternity had helped most of them eliminate key political opponents . The fraternity controlled the crude oil mining and refining in Nigeria as they owned eighty percent of the oil blocks. This had been achieved by Dike Amadi’s father, Eze Gburugburu who had blackmailed, cajoled and even eliminated the necessary people in order to gain control of the oil industry. That major coup had left the fraternity very rich and enabled them to expand to other countries. The fraternity controlled the gold industry in Ghana and it was managed by Dike Amadi’s second son Okey. It also controlled the gold industry in South Africa which was managed by Obi, the third son. The tourism industry in Egypt was managed by Amadi ‘s fourth son Chike because the fraternity had helped the Egyptian King eliminate his senior brother who was the rightful heir to the throne. The textile industry in Cameroun was also controlled by Kachi , Amadi ‘s fifth son. The Togolese agricultural industry was controlled by Amadi ‘s sixth son Chima. The fraternity had become so powerful that they were always consulted before key decisions were made in Ecowas meetings.
Apart from their obvious power and influence, the mode of operation of the Vipers fraternity distinguished them from other fraternities. The fraternity was for males only and every member of the fraternity had to undergo a minimum of three years intensive training in a terrorist camp in Somalia before he could be called a viper. Every viper, even those of the ruling family could hold their own with a gun and didn’t flinch at the sight of blood. They had the best contract killers in Africa.
Leadership of the Vipers fraternity remains with one family. The sons of the leader however play the coronation games once the leader dies and the winner of the games becomes the new Supreme leader. The coronation games involved the killing of each other until one son is left alive. The rule guiding the games was that one’s family was to be spared and the winner adopted his brothers’ children as his. Once the games began, the wives and children were taken to a secure location until the end of the games.
Dike Amadi had become the Supreme leader by killing his other three brothers in one night. His brothers had come to the headquarters to attend their father’s burial. Dike had convinced them to come over so that they could pay their last respects to their father. He had convinced them to start the game after the burial. On the night of their arrival, he entertained them with wine and women and then had them assassinated in their rooms. By morning, his three brothers were buried alongside his father and he became Supreme leader. This had established Dike Amadi’s reputation as a vicious and cunning viper.

The moment Dike Amadi breathed his last, the Vipers headquarters were informed and the message was conveyed to all his sons. The coronation games had begun. It was time for a new Supreme leader to emerge…….to be continued .


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