Vipers Ep. 3

Ikenga saw the message on his phone and smiled. He had begun preparations for this day long before now. He had already sent his wife and son to the safe house in Somalia where they will be taken care of till the end of the games. He already had his men on standby waiting for the order to kill his brothers. ‘This is going to be so easy. I will surely be the Supreme leader in two days time He began to dial a foreign number using his secure line and when the call was answered, he said only two words, ‘it’s time’ and ended the call.
Okey had been greatly unnerved by his father’s death. Not because he loved his father, but because he had not prepared himself for the games as he had expected his father to live longer. He had flown his family to Somalia and was seated in his extravagantly furnished pent house office in Ghana . Okey was not very smart or cunning but he was heavily built and looked foreboding. He had excelled in his training at Somalia far better than his brothers. He had sent away his bodyguards because most of them were first interviewed at headquarters by his elder brother before they were sent to him. He feared that they may be used by his brother as spies. He had left only one guard Tony who had served him for over five years believing him to be trustworthy. Tony had been his roommate in the Somalia training camp. Okey kept cursing under his breath. ‘Calm down mate’ Tony advised him and poured him a drink. Okey hurriedly took a few gulps to calm himself. ‘I think I should just lay low for a while and allow my brothers to kill themselves and then kill the last person remaining’, Okey said. His rambling was cut short as he suddenly started to feel dizzy after a while. It was then that it dawned on him that he had been poisoned. ‘You bastard!’ he yelled at Tony. ‘Ikenga said that you can lay low forever ‘ Tony said and pointed a pistol at him. Okey immediately rammed into him and they both fell down. Tony had pulled the trigger before the gun fell out of his hand but the bullet had hit Okey’s shoulder. Tony was no physical match for Okey and Okey, fighting like a wounded Lion, smashed Tony’s skull on the tiled floor of his office. Okey was feeling weak as he stood up from Tony’s limp body. ‘My brother should have known that a head viper does not die that easily’ he thought. He was losing blood from the bullet wound and he needed medical care. Moving as fast as he could, he took Tony’s gun and his car keys and entered his private elevator that took him directly to his car park. He entered his car and tried to catch his breath and steady himself before he drove to the hospital. Immediately he turned the key in the ignition, his car exploded. ……to be continued ………feel free to like and comment.


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