Vipers Ep. 4

The press couldn’t get enough of the latest happenings in the family of Dike Amadi. The front page of many newspapers showed the Supreme leader’s picture with the title: ‘Richest man in Africa dies at 75’, the day after his death. A day later, Okey’s picture was on the front page of the African newspaper and the article read: ‘Son of billionaire and CEO of Ghana gold company murdered ‘.
Obi had promptly flown his family to Somalia immediately he got the news of his father’s death. He was in his mansion in South Africa which was heavily guarded by twenty of his strongest guards, all vipers. He knew that he was secured as long as he remained indoors. Even with all the training Obi had received in Somalia, he didn’t think that he had the nerve to kill his brothers. He had decided to just fortify his security and wait for his brothers to kill themselves. He wanted to be the Supreme leader after all. ‘Who wouldn’t?’ he thought. The position meant more money, power and definitely women.
News of Okey’s murder however, caused Obi to panic. Okey was much stronger and he had better guards than he did, yet he was eliminated. Obi then decided to change his plans. If he couldn’t kill his brothers, he could get them jailed. That way, he could get a pardon and perhaps federal security in the course of the coronation games. ‘Tom, get me a secure connection to the South African Inspector general of Police’, he said. Time to make the police work for him. ‘After all we were told that the police is your friend and a friend in need is a friend indeed’, He thought. He would help the police take-down his brothers and he’ll be the only one left to rule the vipers. ‘It may seem cowardly but a viper should also be cunning’, he said to himself. ‘Hello Peter. How do you feel about becoming the best police officer ever in the whole of Africa? ‘. ‘What do you mean? ‘ Peter asked. ‘Come to my house in Capetown tomorrow evening . Let’s discuss, I have a confession that you would want to hear’, Obi replied and ended the call.

………….to be continued.


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