Vipers Ep. 5

‘Baby please go and join the others in Somalia. It is the safest place to be at this time’, Chike pleaded with his wife Isis for the umpteenth time. ‘I don’t see any harm coming to me here. I’m the daughter of the king and the wife of a minister. I should be most secured here in Egypt. With all the Secret Service agents guarding us, anyone attempting to kill us will fail,’ Isis replied. ‘Why did I have to end up with such a strong headed woman?’ Chike swore under his breath. He had fallen in love with Isis from the moment he had first laid eyes on her and he had married her against his father’s wishes that he marry a Nigerian. Chike looked at Isis and couldn’t help it but to smile. Her beauty still took his breath away. She was truly an Egyptian goddess of beauty. ‘Trust me, the Vipers fraternity can locate and kill anybody. They have the best assassins in Africa. My life is really in danger. You should go to Somalia. Nobody will harm you there, that’s the rule of the game’, Chike explained. ‘Firstly, I’m still mad at you for not telling me that you were  a Viper all these years. You’ve always been pretending that you can’t hurt a fly. Secondly, I’m not leaving your side when I don’t know if I’ll see you alive again’ Isis replied. Chike was deeply moved by his wife’s response. He had always noticed an amazing inner strength in her. Isis was five feet eight inches tall and she had to look up to her husband as she spoke because he was six feet tall. Chike wrapped his arms around Isis. He was heavily built and his wife was fit though she wasn’t petite. ‘I’ve told them that I don’t want to play the coronation games. Dike Amadi adopted me after killing my father. I just want to live my life with you. I even sent the Egyptian ladies to headquarters as you advised me. My gift of mistresses should suffice. Don’t worry, they won’t bother me’, Chike said.
Ikenga was still in a blissful state as he put on his jeans and T-shirt. Caro his Egyptian mistress had been an exquisite pleasure in bed as usual. ‘Chike really knows how to give a man gifts’, he thought. Ikenga had developed an insatiable taste for Egyptian women. He had decided to leave Chike alone initially but he had changed his mind. ‘If I can kill Chike, then I can have Isis. She has a body made for sin and I must have her’, he thought. ‘These Egyptian women will be the death of me’, he said out loud. He had no idea how accurate his statement was…….


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