Vipers Ep. 6

Kachi was busy making adjustments to his plans. He was wearing a multicolored agbada and was seated in the tastefully furnished study of his mansion in Cameroun . Kachi was heavily built and he was also the most handsome of Dike Amadi’s sons. Ladies always fell head over heels for him and occasionally fought over him. He had ended up marrying two wives when both women refused to let him go for the other. Kachi didn’t have any regard for women though. He had a string of mistresses even with two wives. ‘If you have the money, why not have them all? ‘ he always said.
His raunchiness aside though, Kachi was a very meticulous person. He always planned his actions every step of the way. He had been the first to fly his family to Somalia. His security was airtight. He knew that his major competition will be Okey and Ikenga. He had waited patiently, knowing that one of them will eliminate the other. He received news of Okey’s death with glee. He had secretly hoped that Okey will be eliminated by Ikenga. He didn’t really know Okey’s weakness but he knew how to get to Ikenga. ‘It’s time to use Ikenga’s weakness against him. It’s time to contact Caro’ he said to himself. He dialed Caro’s number using his secure line and she picked his call after the third ring. ‘Hey love. I thought you will never call me again’ Caro said. ‘I meant to call you but I’ve been quite busy ‘ he replied. ‘I’ve really missed you’, Caro said. ‘I’ve missed you too Don’t worry, once I win the coronation games, I’ll live at the headquarters and we’ll have time to be with each other’, Kachi said. ‘I’d like that very much’, Caro replied. ‘I want to give you a simple task that will help me achieve my aim’, Kachi said. ‘Anything for you, love,’ Caro replied. ‘I want you to invite Ikenga to your house. Let me know the time of the meeting so I can have my men in place’, He said. ‘Consider it done on one condition. You’ll come to see me after Ikenga is killed’, She replied. ‘You know that it is risky for me to come to Nigeria at this time ‘, He said. ‘Who do you have to fear? Ikenga will be dead by then’, Caro argued. ‘Alright, I’ll come see you,’ Kachi answered. ‘Yay!!! I won’t disappoint you’, She said. ‘I know. Take care and goodluck’, Kachi replied and ended the call. It was working out as planned. He had known for a while that his brother was fond of Caro. He initiated a relationship with her so he could use her against him when the need arises. ‘Women are just a means to an end. Beauty without brains ‘, he said to himself.
Caro ended the call and turned to her partner lying on the other side of the bed. ‘You’re right. Kachi wants to use me as bait so he can murder you’, she said. Ikenna laughed. ‘Kachi my little brother has always been the most predictable one among us. He plans everything and never acts impulsively. He must have planned this, the day he observed that you’re my favorite. Let him come to Nigeria. I’ll be waiting. He just made my job a lot easier’, Ikenga said. ‘Come and meet your certain death, little brother ‘, he said to himself. ‘You’ve done well Caro. When I become the Supreme leader, I intend to pay you more than you asked for’, he said. ‘Thanks dear’, she replied. ‘Let’s get some sleep, we’ll make plans in the morning’, Ikenga said……


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