Vipers Ep. 7

Peter did not enjoy being summoned by someone like Obi. Obi and his family were criminals to him, no matter how rich and powerful they were. He went to Obi’s house with three of his men who were heavily armed. ‘I don’t expect a confrontation though. Viper or not, no one touches the inspector general of police’, he thought. The gate opened as their car approached and Peter couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. ‘He lives like a king. Even as the number one police officer in this country, I can’t afford to live in this kind of luxury ‘, Peter thought.
Peter was ushered into Obi’s living room by one of Obi’s guards. ‘Thanks for coming IG. Would you like a drink? ‘ Obi asked . He was dressed casually in a red t-shirt and blue jeans. ‘Just chilled water. I want us to get down to business. I have another meeting in an hour’, Peter said. He was not comfortable being in Obi’s house. He had come here to satisfy his curiosity. ‘I’ll cut to the chase then. I have a confession to make that will implicate me and my brothers. This information will put us behind bars for a very long time. I’ll give you this information only if you will guarantee a presidential pardon and federal government security for me. Clear it with your boss and get back to me’, Obi said.
Peter was finding it difficult to hide his glee. He was going to be remembered in history as the man who brought down the Vipers.

Peter left Obi’s house in a daze. He still couldn’t believe his good fortune. ‘I always knew that I was destined for greatness ‘, he said to himself. ‘This could make me a national hero. I could even run for president afterwards’, he thought. Peter’s thoughts kept wandering as his car approached the president’s office.
President Zulu received Peter’s report with joy. ‘You’ve done well. A national award awaits you after the operations’, he said. ‘Thank you Sir. I would like to suggest that we keep this a secret. Let’s protect Obi and allow the others to fight themselves. After the coronation games, we’ll take them by surprise and round them up before they can regroup. We’ll need to also inform the other countries where the Vipers have branches. That way, we will bring down the Vipers in one fell swoop’, Peter suggested. ‘That’s a good idea. Let me inform the other presidents involved. I think Baba will be most grateful. The Vipers have been a major problem for Nigeria. This may actually make the Nigerian citizens to support his bid for a second term in office despite his health problems’, President Zulu said. He knew that Baba was finally going to owe him big time. He may just ask Baba for three oil wells as compensation.
Vice president Bayo was pacing in the president’s office, trying to strategize. He had received President Zulu’s call on behalf of the Nigerian president who was away on medical leave. Baba had travelled to England to treat an eye infection. This left Bayo as the acting president. ‘If the Vipers are rounded up, it will make Baba look good and he will surely win his second term bid. This provides a window of opportunity for me though. If I inform the Vipers about Obi, I’ll have their support . I will be sure to win the election if I decide to contest’, he thought. ‘No need to be an irrelevant vice president when I can be the main man’, Bayo said to himself. He was a dogged politician who had hustled and blackmailed his way to his current position. He was finally going to accomplish his dream. He left his office and was driven to a nearby pay phone by his personal driver . He looked around cautiously to ensure that he was alone before he placed the international call to Dike Amadi’s youngest son. ‘Hello Chima. It’s Bayo. I’ve got bad news for you’, he said.


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