Vipers Ep. 8

Chima couldn’t believe his ears. He was still holding his phone long after Bayo had ended the call. He was standing in the tastefully furnished apartment of his only mistress, Tina in Cotonou. Chima was 5 feet 11, heavily built and fair in complexion. He had the largest farm in Africa. Virtually everyone in Togo got their food from his farm. Chima had flown his family to Somalia and changed his location after he got news of his father’s death. No one knew of his whereabouts except three of his most trusted personal guards.
Tina loved bad boys. ‘Bad boys are fun’, she always said. She thought that Chima was probably hiding from someone but she didn’t mind. She was just thrilled that he had been staying with her for the past five days. She had seen Chima’s face contort with rage and her curiosity was peaked. ‘What’s the problem love?’ she asked. ‘My brother, Obi just committed an abomination. He decided to snitch on his own brothers and the fraternity as a whole to the police’. ‘That’s bad. You can always do a plastic surgery and we can fly abroad with new identities so the police won’t find you’, Tina suggested. Chima smiled. ‘I like the way you think but I think that there’s a better way to handle the matter. Obi needs to be neutralized. Let me call headquarters. Ikenga will know how to handle it.
Ikenga was disgusted. ‘I didn’t expect this kind of cowardly behavior from Obi. I thought he was a true Viper,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t believe it myself. Bayo has no reason to lie to us though. He knows better than to cross us’, Chima said. ‘It’s true. My men in South Africa informed me of Obi’s meeting with Peter. I was told that he is in a maximum security facility inside the South African army’s cantonment in Capetown’, Ikenga said. ‘That’s too bad. There’s no way we can get to him without losing too much men. Those soldiers mean business’, Chima said. ‘We mustn’t use force. Force will do us no good. We need external help,’ Ikenga said. ‘What kind of help do you have in mind? Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram? Chima asked. Ikenga laughed. ‘Don’t worry bro. I’ll use a weapon that he wouldn’t see coming,’ Ikenga said. ‘Alright big bro. I know you can handle it’, Chima said. ‘Try to avoid getting arrested in the meantime. You can even come to Nigeria and seek sanctuary’, Ikenga suggested. Chima laughed, ‘I’m smarter than that, big brother. Don’t worry, we will be safe here’, he replied and ended the call.
Ikenga was hit by a sudden realization. Chima had slipped up in his panic. He had used the word ‘we’. Chima’s family was already in Somalia. This could only mean that he was with Tina. Tina was the key to finding Chima. He picked up his phone. It was time enlist Musa’s services.
‘Tina was in high spirits as she drove towards her home after her shopping. She sang along to the country music playing on the radio of her SUV. She had met a very charming and handsome man at the mall. If Chima were not home, she probably  would have brought him home. Musa had been staring at her as she did her shopping. He was six feet three, fair and very muscular. He had gotten her all flustered and she had flushed uncontrollably as he spoke to her. ‘I will see Musa as soon as Chima leaves’, she thought. No man had made her act like a sixteen year old girl who just saw her crush, until today. They had exchanged numbers and addresses so they would keep in touch.
Musa watched the house at a discreet distance. Getting the address from Tina had been a piece of cake. She had fallen head over heels for him. If he finished his job, he may even contact her for what she had promised him. Looking into the window of one of the rooms, using his binoculars, he could see a woman, probably Tina talking to a man heavily built like Chima. Chima was here. He immediately called Ikenga.
‘You were right. Chima’s here’, Musa said. ‘You know what to do. Make it as clean as possible’, Ikenga said. ‘I will. Clean is my style’, Musa replied and ended the call.

Ikenga smiled to himself. ‘Obi’s cowardice has become a blessing in disguise’, he thought.


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