Vipers Ep. 9

Kachi travelled to Nigeria with three of his best men who were vipers. He sent them to Caro’s apartment to lie in wait for Ikenga. They had set up CCTV cameras in the apartment so Kachi could watch the whole operation from his hotel room. Kachi wanted to be sure that Caro would not lure him into a trap. His men had searched everywhere and found the place clean. ‘This should go as smoothly as planned,’ he thought.
Ikenga was having serious doubts about going to Caro’s apartment. He couldn’t shake the feeling that Caro may betray him. This job was making him to leave his comfort zone. He was accustomed to using his men for hits like this. ‘It’s a risk I have to take. If it pays off, it will bring me closer to my goal,’ he said to himself as he picked up his pistol and walked to his Ford Focus . Four of his men were to escort him in another Ford Focus.
Kachi watched as Ikenga’s Ford Focus approached Caro’s apartment. Ikenga had come alone. ‘So, my big brother has become so blinded by love that he doesn’t feel the need to bring escorts when he’s coming here. Well, he’s going to realize how wrong he was to trust a woman’, Kachi said to himself.
Ikenga pressed the buzzer. ‘Come in love, the door is not locked,’ Caro answered. Ikenga smiled to himself. Just hearing Caro’s voice was enough to get the blood flowing to his loins.
As he opened the door, she asked him to come straight to the room. Ikenga opened the door and saw Caro sprawled on the bed, wearing a sheer night gown. Before he could appreciate the sight before him, three men burst out from the room’s closets and before Ikenga could react, he had been shot four times in the chest. Ikenga fell in a heap and was unmoving.
Kachi couldn’t contain his joy any longer. He had watched the footage from start to finish. Ikenga was finally eliminated. He was going to have the whole resources at headquarters at his disposal. With that, he will defeat his brothers with ease. He started doing his favorite etigi dance but he was interrupted by the ringing of his cellphone.
‘I’m still waiting for you’, Caro said huskily. Kachi couldn’t even respond. Acting as if he was remote controlled, he ended the call, dashed to his car and drove off to Caro’s apartment.
‘Well done gentlemen,’ Kachi told his men as he met them outside. ‘Go back to the hotel and wait for me’. ‘Time to get laid’, he said to himself as he let himself into the house and marched straight to the room. He opened the door and saw that Caro was still sprawled on the bed. ‘Hey love, it’s been so…. ‘, Kachi started to say but he was cut short by the sound of gunshots. He had been shot twice in the back. He turned around and to his surprise, saw Ikenga pointing a pistol at him. ‘I’m not a ghost, little brother. I just happened to have a bullet proof vest on. Thank you for making my job easier anyways. Goodbye’, Ikenga said and shot him on the forehead. Kachi’s brains were splattered everywhere. Ikenga called his men and ordered them to clean up the place and pack Caro’s things. ‘You’re going to live with me at the headquarters. I want you close to me’, Ikenga said. ‘I’d really love that’, Caro replied.
Caro had been given a room adjacent Ikenga’s room. Caro was delighted. ‘Ikenga finally trusts me. My boss is going to be glad to hear that I’ve gotten this close to him’, she thought . She had finally accomplished her mission. ‘Time to contact the boss’, she decided.


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