Vipers Ep. 10

Musa watched Tina as she left the house. She was looking exquisite in a black Gucci gown with black stilettos to match. Musa had to force his mind to focus on the task at hand. All had been put in place for the operation to go smoothly. He just didn’t want Tina to be caught in the crossfire, so he had waited patiently for her to go for her usual shopping. As soon as Tina drove off, he dialed a number. ‘Tech, move in’, he said. ‘Alright boss, I won’t disappoint you ‘,Tech replied.
Chima heard the sound of the delivery truck but didn’t give it much thought because neither he nor Tina had ordered anything. He was a bit surprised to see the truck stop at their driveway. The deliveryman got out and retrieved a big package from the boot. Before the deliveryman could get to the door, Chima opened the door. ‘I don’t remember ordering anything’, he said. ‘This is for Miss Tina. This was the address I was given’, Tech said. ‘Bring it in and put it on the table’, Chima said. As Tech passed him with the package, Chike saw the note on the package. The note was written : ‘With love from Ik’. ‘So you guys are saying that Tina is cheating on me with this Ik? ‘ ‘I can’t tell Sir, I’m just the delivery guy’, Tech replied. ‘Can I get you a glass of water? you must be thirsty after the long drive’, Chima asked. ‘I’d like that very much,’ Tech replied. He needed to use the element of surprise. He was going to shoot Chima once he returned with the glass of water.

As he was still mentally preparing himself with his pistol pointed in the direction from which Chima had left the room, he heard two faint pops and felt a burning pain in his leg and back and he collapsed on the floor. He had been shot. ‘I feel very insulted that an amateur like you was sent to kill me, a head viper’ He heard Chima say. Chima had stealthily entered the room from the opposite direction, catching Tech by surprise. Tech lay on the floor in a pool of his own blood. ‘Did you actually think that I wouldn’t notice that ‘Ik’ on the note is for Ikenga? Well, you get to pay for your stupidity with your life. Time to meet your maker’,Chima said and shot Tech on the head.
Chima was still pumped full of adrenaline as he dialed Ikenga’s number. ‘I feel very insulted that you sent an amateur to assassinate me, big brother ‘, he said as soon as Ikenga answered the call. ‘That’s not true brother. I sent Musa. If you saw an amateur, he wasn’t sent by me’, Ikenga replied. Immediately Chima heard Musa’s name, he panicked. He really was in grave danger if Musa was out to kill him. Musa was arguably the best contract killer of the vipers. Before he could gather his thoughts, the package exploded and he was blown to pieces.
Musa watched as the building collapsed after the explosion. He had known that Tech was not going to succeed. He just wanted him to keep Chima distracted till the bomb exploded. ‘I believe my job here is done’, he said to himself as he dialed Ikenga’s number.

‘It’s done Sir’, he said. ‘I know. Chima was still shouting at me over the phone when the explosion occurred. My ears are still ringing a little. Well-done, I intend to richly reward you as promised’, Ikenga replied. ‘Thanks boss’, Musa replied and ended the call.
‘Now that business is done, time to go and prepare for Tina’, Musa said to himself. She was going to be in need of comforting and housing. ‘Maybe for once, I’ll listen to the preacher’s advice and help the homeless’, he thought. His thoughts were interrupted by his phone’s ringing. Amy was calling. ‘Hello dad, it’s been a while’, Amy said. ‘I know dear. I’ve been caught up in a lot of work. Don’t worry I’ll be coming to visit you soon with lots of gifts’, Musa replied. ‘I’ll be expecting you. I love you dad’, she said. ‘I love you too baby’, Musa replied and ended the call. ‘She’s the only good thing left in my life’, he thought as he drove off.

‘Well, all has gone well. I’ve not been able to get to Obi yet. That cantonment has proven impregnable for my men. I’ll just have to employ the best lawyers when the time comes’, Ikenga said. ‘The best lawyers should do the trick’, Caro replied. They were both lying on the king-size bed in Ikenga’s room. ‘It’s time to delete Chike. I’ve saved the easiest for the last. Chike’s security comprises Egyptian Secret Service agents and they can’t be compared to Vipers. Chike will be dead by tomorrow night . Let’s get some sleep ‘, Ikenga said.

As soon as Caro heard Ikenga start snoring, she sent a message to her boss: ‘It’s going down tomorrow night ‘. She then deleted her message history.


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