Vipers Ep. 11

All looked normal at the Chikes’ residence. The minister’s staff were enjoying a quiet Friday night, chatting with themselves, when the alarms went off and all hell broke loose. Gunshot sounds rent the air and everyone was thrown into full panic mode. Ikenga’s men had arrived. They didn’t see the need to be stealth. They had better weapons and they had better training than their opponents. The element of surprise also played a major role as most of the security guards were caught unawares and unarmed. Screams of anguish were heard as Chike’s staff were slaughtered without mercy. ‘Cholo, the leader of this operation was a Viper, known in Africa as ‘The Beast’. He was notorious for not leaving any witnesses behind, whether male, female or even children. He had entered Chike’s room with two of his men and found it empty. ‘Where the hell is he?’ he asked no one in particular. One of his men entered the room, dragging one of Chike’s guards along. ‘Where is Chike?’ he asked the guard. ‘I’m not telling you any…..’ before the guard could finish his sentence, Cholo shot his right knee. ‘I’ll give you another chance to answer and if I’m not impressed, I’ll shoot your mouth’, Cholo said. The guard immediately started spilling his guts. ‘Chike and Isis are hiding underground. There’s a door in the kitchen that leads to the place. Please, that’s all I know’. ‘I’m not impressed. You can’t keep a secret’, Cholo said and shot him in the mouth. He turned to his men and addressed them. ‘You’ve all heard the location of our main target. If we kill everyone else and Chike is left alive, then our mission here is a failure. The boss asked me to leave Isis unharmed but I believe that he knows better than to think that the beast will leave any witnesses behind. Chike is a priority, but once he’s dead, kill everyone else. Let’s move.’ As they approached the door leading underground, two of Chike’s men carrying automatic rifles fired at them. Cholo was momentarily taken aback as three of his men were hit. Chike had probably set up a strong defence after all. ‘Kill the lights’, Cholo ordered one of his men. Immediately, the power was cut off and the whole place was enveloped in darkness. Cholo and his men, put on their night vision goggles and continued advancing. Chike’s men didn’t see them coming because of the darkness and Cholo’s men rained bullets on them. Cholo and his men found Chike and Isis huddled together in one of the rooms underground. ‘I feel very disgusted right now. I hoped to find you armed, waiting to take down a lot of men with you but here you are, holding a woman and shaking all over. Head Viper acting like a sissy’, Cholo spat. Chike left his wife’s side and with a confused expression, started to say something but he was cut short as Cholo shot him on the stomach . ‘I don’t want to hear your whining. Politics has turned you into a sissy’, Cholo said and shot him on the head, splattering his brains everywhere. Isis screamed.

‘Please don’t kill me. I’ll do anything for you ‘, Isis begged. ‘You’ll do anything?’, Cholo asked, with a grin. ‘Yes. Anything,’ she replied. ‘That’s good. I just want you to die for me,’ Cholo said and shot her twice.
‘I believe we’re done here. Hope there are no witnesses alive?’, He asked his men. ‘None sir’, they replied. ‘Let’s move out then. Time to celebrate our success’, Cholo said. He immediately messaged Ikenga: “it’s done”. The operation had been as easy as he had anticipated.

Chike finally pulled his eyes from the video footage coming from his residence. ‘So, after promising to leave me alone, Ikenga still sent that butcher and his men to my home. He just couldn’t keep his word. I guess I always suspected that Ikenga will turn on me, so I kept these doubles as insurance’, he said, with a face full of rage. ‘Ikenga now believes that we are dead, thanks to these doubles you found. Let’s leave this country and go far away from here. We should be safe in another country,’ Isis said. ‘I’m tired of running like a coward. My father may have lost the coronation games but I’m just as much of a viper as Ikenga is. I’m going to make him pay for this’, Chike replied. ‘I would like to help you take him down’, Isis said. Chike looked at her as if he was seeing her for the first time. ‘Woman, you’ve proven to be full of surprises today and I believe that you owe me an explanation. How did you know that they were coming for me?’. ‘It’s actually a long story’, Isis replied. ‘Well, I’m not in a hurry, so you can start spilling your guts’, Chike said.
‘Okay. Let me start from the beginning


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