Vipers Ep. 12

‘I’m an ‘Angel’, Isis said. ‘I already knew that,’ Chike replied. ‘Really?’ Isis asked. ‘Yes. I’ve always known that you’re an angel, sent from heaven to save me from my evil self. Also, you look as beautiful as they are’, he said. ‘That’s so sweet. It’s not what I meant though. I was formally a member of a small group of wealthy women called ‘Angels’. We pooled cash together and used it to sponsor the elimination of many dictators in Africa. Our goal was to liberate people in different countries from the oppression of their leaders’, she said. ‘How come, I never heard about such a group?’ Chike asked. ‘We have always existed in the shadows with a high level of secrecy. We give out different contracts to different assassins having different MOs so the jobs couldn’t be traced back to our group’, Isis replied. ‘This is unbelievable. I didn’t think that you were capable of sponsoring murder’, Chike said. ‘I didn’t think of it as murder. I thought I was helping the masses and bringing about development. The Angels helped eliminate dictators like General Bacha of Nigeria, General Aminu of Uganda, Admiral Diouf of Senegal and even General Biala of Cameroun and their citizens rejoiced greatly when these men died. ‘These men died of natural causes’, Chike argued. ‘It was money well spent. The assassins did a clean job’, Isis replied. ‘Why didn’t you tell me about this, all these years?’ Chike asked. ‘It didn’t seem relevant because the group had been disbanded as a result of clashes of interest’, She replied. ‘I am still very mad at you for not trusting me with such a secret’, Chike said. ‘I’m sorry baby. You have to cut me some slack. It’s not like you were very forthcoming about your being a Viper’, Isis said. Chike was finding it difficult to keep his angry resolve and his curiosity finally got the better of him. ‘You still have not told me how you knew of Ikenga’s plan to kill me’, Chike said. ‘I found out that you were a head viper, three years ago and I was also told about the coronation games by your mother. I didn’t want to lose you, so I took a few precautions. Three of the ten women I asked you to send to headquarters as gifts are actually assassins on my payroll and Caro is their leader’, Isis said. ‘What! Caro is an assassin?’ He asked in shock. ‘One of the best. She was the one that took down General Bacha of Nigeria. Caro has successfully gotten Ikenga to trust her. She was the one that warned me of Ikenga’s plans. All I need to do is to give the order and Ikenga will be eliminated’, Isis said. Chike laughed. ‘Caro may have succeeded in eliminating dictators but I doubt that she would be able to eliminate Ikenga. Ikenga learnt from one of the most vicious and cunning vipers, his father,’ Chike said. ‘I have faith in my people. Ikenga will not see what’s coming until it’s too late’, Isis said. ‘ Alright, give the order. Let’s see if they succeed then’, he said.

Isis immediately sent a message to Caro: ‘Proceed’.

The vibration of Caro’s phone had woken Ikenga but he lay still in the darkness of the room, pretending to be asleep. He watched Caro pick up her phone, read the message and type a response. ‘This has been happening frequently these past few days yet her message history is always empty. Caro couldn’t possibly be cheating on me. She never leaves the house without me. Who is she sending secret messages to? Is she working for somebody that wants me dead?’ A lot of questions kept running through Ikenga’s mind as paranoia kicked in. ‘I have to be more careful and not let my guard down’, Ikenga decided. He had a feeling that Caro would soon reveal her true intentions. ‘I hope for her sake that she doesn’t try something stupid because it’ll surely lead to her death’, he thought.


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