Vipers Ep. 13

‘Today is the day. I just hope that my plan goes smoothly,’ Caro thought as she knocked on the door to Ikenga’s room. ‘Who is it?’ Ikenga asked. ‘It’s me love’, Caro replied. Ikenga smiled to himself despite his doubts. He had grown so used to her lovely voice. He had even started trusting her. Now, he was not so sure about her anymore. ‘Come in’, Ikenga said. Caro walked in looking like something out of a movie. She was exquisitely dressed in a blue gown that matched the color of her eyes and accentuated her figure. She wore black high heeled shoes and was carrying a black handbag. Ikenga kept staring at her. ‘She is dressed to kill. I just hope it’s not to kill me’, Ikenga thought. ‘To what do I owe the pleasure of this beauty?’ he asked. ‘Dress up love. I have made reservations for us at La Pavilion. I figured that we could use a romantic meal. It’s been awhile since we went on a date. Besides, all your brothers have been eliminated except for Obi that is locked up in a prison far away from here. We deserve a break from this house’, Caro said. Ikenga stared at her. ‘Now I understand why most men can’t refuse her. She’s truly an Egyptian goddess. The only issue here is that I am not just any man. I am a head viper and I learnt at the feet of Dike Amadi, the most cunning and vicious of them all’, Ikenga thought. ‘Answer me please, what’s going through that mind of yours?’ Caro asked. ‘The fact that you look so ravishing, you got me wondering if this is a dream’, Ikenga answered. ‘Aww, don’t waste any time then. Let’s go out. ‘You can have your way when we’re back’, Caro said with a wink . Ikenga knew better. ‘She has probably planned an ambush for me. If I leave headquarters, I may not make it back’, he thought. ‘You know what, why don’t you cancel that reservation. Let’s have a private dinner here. With the way you’re looking, I can’t trust myself to behave gentlemanly throughout the meal’, Ikenga said with a big grin. He would stay at headquarters. He held the advantage here. ‘Alright then. I’ll ask Aziza to set up the table. I’ll see you at the dining room’, she said and walked out of the room.
Ikenga watched her leave and then he started to prepare for the date. ‘A woman has two strong weapons: seduction and poison. I have taken precautions against those though. I just have to prepare for unexpected surprises,’ Ikenga thought as he put on his bulletproof vest. He wore his shirt over it and put on a bow tie. He put on his suit and put his pistol in the inner pocket of his suit. He had already instructed his men to be alert and listen for his signal in case things went south.
Caro needed to make some adjustments to her plans. ‘Ikenga is as smart as they come but I’ll show him that I’m smarter’, she thought as she picked up her phone and dialed a number. ‘Change of plans, Mary. We are staying at home. Don’t worry, Aziza and I will handle it’, she said and ended the call. She checked her bag to ensure that she had all that she needed. The poison and it’s antidote were safely placed in the inner zip of her bag. She had put her pistol in her bag as backup. She then went to the dinning room where she found Aziza waiting. As she had anticipated, Ikenga was still in his room, so they had time to poison his drink. ‘This should do the trick’, Caro said as she put a few drops of the poison into Ikenga’s glass. ‘What happens if you fail?’ Aziza asked. ‘If I don’t succeed, burst in here and shoot him yourself. Ikenga is going down today’, Caro replied and Aziza left the room.
Caro started entertaining doubts as she waited for Ikenga. ‘What if I’m not able to kill him? I have never had to kill someone I have feelings for. All my victims have been strangers. ‘What if he finds out?’ She quickly dismissed her doubts. This wasn’t her first job and it wasn’t going to be her last. She was going to carry out her job as cleanly as possible. ‘It’s time for Ikenga to join his father in hell’, she said to herself.


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