Vipers Ep. 14

‘Hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long,’ Ikenga said as he entered the room. Caro was immediately jolted from her thoughts. ‘Not at all, love. You look so handsome’, Caro replied. ‘ Thanks dear. You looked like you were somewhere far away just now. What were you thinking about?’ Ikenga asked. ‘I was daydreaming about a vacation in Paris with you,’ she replied. ‘That sounds romantic. Don’t worry, once I’m made the Supreme leader, we’ll go to Paris,’ He said. ‘Thanks love. I’m so lucky to have you’, Caro said. ‘I’m the lucky one here. You really look as amazing as a beauty queen in that dress’, Ikenga said. ‘Really, I was told that modelling wasn’t for me’, Caro said. ‘Whoever said that is blind. I want to watch you model that gown for me baby,’ Ikenga said with pleading eyes. Blushing deeply, She cat walked to the door and cat walked back to her seat. ‘There. Hope you’re happy’, she said as she sat down. ‘Best day ever’, he replied grinning sheepishly. ‘Let’s make a toast. To our love that will last forever and to your becoming the Supreme leader of the greatest fraternity in Africa. Cheers’, Caro said as she lifted her glass of wine. ‘Cheers,’ Ikenga said. They both clinked glasses and gulped down their drinks.
As they ate their food, Caro covertly observed Ikenga, waiting for the poison to take effect. After a while, she started feeling drowsy. ‘Did I take more alcohol than I can handle?’ she asked herself. She looked up to see Ikenga staring at her.

‘I hope you have the antidote for that poison because you’re going to be needing it’, He said. She heard the menace in his voice as she started feeling a stronger wave of drowsiness. ‘How?’ she managed to ask. ‘I happened to switch our drinks while you were modelling for me. Did you think that I wouldn’t find out that you were plotting against me. I saw you send and receive your secret messages. I thought you loved me. I now know better’, Ikenga said. Caro fell to the floor. She desperately needed to take the antidote so she started searching her bag for it. Ikenga moved closer and stood over her. He had brandished his pistol and was pointing it at her. As Caro searched for the antidote, she felt the metallic coldness of the pistol in her bag and changed her mind. ‘Even if I take the antidote, he’ll kill me anyway’, she thought. She immediately brought out the pistol and shot at Ikenga. Ikenga did not anticipate such a move from Caro and he had a shocked look on his face as he fell. He had managed to pull the trigger as he was falling, but the bullet had hit Caro on her right leg.
Hearing the gunshots, Aziza burst into the room with her gun to assist Caro. She was surprised to find out that Caro had drunk the poison. Aziza helped her to find the antidote. ‘He’s probably dead. I shot him twice. Go and confirm though’, Caro said as she pointed to where Ikenga fell. ‘He looks dead to me from here. I’ll just shoot him on the forehead to make sure though’, Aziza replied as she started moving towards Ikenga’s motionless figure.
In a move that surprised both women, Ikenga got up with amazing agility and before Aziza could react, he shot her on the stomach and she fell, bleeding profusely. Caro was still feeling drowsy from the after effects of the poison and she slowly reached for her gun and pointed it at Ikenga who was already pointing his own pistol at her. Three of Ikenga’s men burst into the room and Caro, seeing that she was outnumbered, was forced to surrender her weapon.
‘You are going to contact your boss and report that you’ve killed me. Then set up a meeting with your boss or I’ll kill you and your friend here’, Ikenga said to Caro. Caro weighed her options. There was a chance that Ikenga may spare them if she gave in to his demands. He after all had feelings for her. If she didn’t obey him however, they’ll both die. ‘Okay’, Caro said and dialed a number.


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