Vipers Ep. 15

Chike was holding the secure phone when the call came in. He had been waiting to receive the report of the operation. ‘It’s done. I’ll need a passport and cash. I want to go for a vacation in Europe’, Caro said. ‘That won’t be a problem. I’m taking the next available flight to Nigeria. We will meet at the airport hotel in Nigeria, for your passport and payment. Great job Caro’, Chike said and ended the call.
‘Best day ever,’ Chike said to himself. He couldn’t wait to break the good news to his wife when she returned from her assignment. ‘It’s my time to rule’, he said to himself.

Immediately Caro ended the call, Ikenga shot Aziza on the forehead. ‘No! I did what you asked’, Caro wailed. ‘I know. You should have known by now that fair play is not one of my many virtues. Goodbye love’, Ikenga said and shot Caro twice. ‘Get this mess cleaned up’, he said to his men and went back to his room.
‘I don’t need any more delays. Musa should be able to take care of Chike once and for all’, he said to himself as he dialed Musa’s number.
‘Hello Musa. It turns out Chike is still alive. I want him eliminated as soon as possible. Take the next flight available to Nigeria. I’ll brief you on the necessary details for the operation. ‘Yes boss. I’m on my way’, Musa said.
Ikenga lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. He could rest easy now. The saboteurs were dead and Chike was as good as dead. He was gradually getting close to his goal.

Chike was feeling elated as he alighted from the airplane. He had travelled with two of his men. He didn’t see the need to take more men. There were enough men at headquarters that would be under his command when he got there. ‘Who would have guessed that Ikenga will be killed by a woman? For all his viciousness, he still suffered from the weakness common to most men, women’, Chike thought.
Chike and his men took an airport taxi to the hotel. Chike didn’t want to go straight to headquarters. He would stay at the hotel and send his men to assess the situation. ‘No point taking chances’ he thought.
‘Mr Chike. Welcome Sir. Hope you enjoyed your flight’, the receptionist asked as they approached her desk. ‘I did. Thank you’, Chike replied. ‘Your reserved suite is ready. I’ll have the bellboy take you there’, The receptionist said as she rang for the bellboy. ‘Thank you’, Chike said and slipped her a hundred dollar bill. ‘Thank you very much Sir’, the receptionist said as she smiled appreciatively at Chike. Chike returned the smile as he and his men followed the bellboy to their suite.
‘He is a very pleasant and generous man. I almost feel guilty for the information I gave away. No one can blame me though. The handsome man paid me much more to tell him which room was reserved for Chike. I just couldn’t refuse him. Besides, he seemed harmless’, the receptionist thought as she watched Chike and his men walk away.

Musa covertly watched as Chike and his men passed him on their way to their suite. He was inconspicuously dressed in a red T-shirt and blue jeans and seated at a corner of the hotel lobby, reading a newspaper which also served the purpose of hiding his face from passersby.
Chike had travelled light as he had expected. ‘Taking out Chike’s men would be a piece of cake. Chike would probably put up a good fight as the head viper he is, but he’ll go down just like his brothers’, Musa thought. He was not one of the best contract killers in Africa for nothing.


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