Vipers Ep. 16

As soon as Chike and his men had settled in their rooms and rested for a while, Chike ordered his men to go to headquarters. ‘Just survey the place and ensure that there’s no danger lying ahead. Also, bring Caro with you when you are coming back’, he said. ‘Yes Sir’, both men chorused and left the suite.

Musa had been trying to determine the best method of approach for the operation. It needed to be surgically precise. He could easily have used a bomb but it would include many more casualties. Besides, Ikenga had demanded for proof of Chike’s death after the operation. There wouldn’t be much proof if Chike was blown to pieces. He just had to burst in, shoot the three men and leave. ‘Thank God for gun silencers’, Musa said to himself.
As Musa was still mentally preparing himself for the job, Chike’s men passed by him and he watched them as they walked to the entrance. Musa started following them from a discreet distance. The two men had called the doorman and requested for a taxi. ‘Oil Estate’, one of the men said to the driver as soon as the taxi arrived and both men entered the car.
Musa smiled as he saw the taxi speed off. He had strained his ears so he could find out the destination of the two men. ‘It was smart of Chike to first send his men to assess the situation at headquarters. Too bad for him though. His smartness just made my job a lot more easier. Time to end Chike’, Musa said to himself as he started heading towards Chike’s room.

Chike had decided to take a quick nap as soon as his men left the room. He was tired after their journey. He was awoken by a knock on the door, some minutes later. ‘Dammit to hell!’ Chike swore. ‘Who is it?’ Chike asked with a voice laced with irritation. ‘Room service with a bottle of Champagne, compliments of the hotel’, a voice answered. Chike opened the door and saw a uniformed man holding a Champagne bottle. Chike smiled and was about to ask the man to come in before he noticed that the hotel attendant had a look of terror on his face and he was trembling all over. ‘What is wrong?’ Chike started to say but he was cut short as he felt a blinding pain on his left shoulder. A masked Musa had appeared behind the hotel attendant and shot him. Chike fell back into the room and Musa also entered the room. Musa threw a few dollar notes at the hotel attendant. ‘That’s your tip. Now, go and continue your duties’, He said. The hotel attendant took to his heels. Musa immediately locked the room door. Chike was still on the floor. He had gotten to a sitting position and was staring at Musa. ‘I must confess. I expected more fighting from you, a head viper’, Musa said as he removed his mask. ‘I don’t need to fight you. I have the upper hand already’, Chike said. ‘I don’t know what you guys smoke, over there in South Africa, but it must have really damaged your reasoning. I’m the one with the gun, yet you say that you have the upper hand. Perhaps, another bullet will correct your reasoning’, Musa said and shot him on the right leg. Chike yelped in pain. ‘Before you kill me, I would advise you to first call your daughter, Amy and find out if she’s okay’, Chike said. Musa’s face immediately contorted with rage and he pointed the gun close to Chike’s head. ‘If anything has happened to my daughter, I’ll not just blow your brains out, I’ll kill your wife too and everyone that means anything to you’, Musa said. ‘Save your threats for those you can scare. If you have doubts, call your daughter. After that, you are going to get me treated and then we’re going to talk’, Chike said.

‘Nobody was supposed to know about her. I had hoped to hide this part of my life from her. If anything happens to her, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to forgive myself’, Musa thought as he dialed Amy’s number.


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