Vipers Ep. 17

‘Hi Dad. I was just about to call you. Thanks a lot for the surprise gifts you sent me through Aunt Isis’, Amy said as soon as the line connected. Musa was finding it difficult to accept the obvious truth. Chike had found out his one and only weakness. ‘Dad. Are you still there?’ Amy asked. ‘I’m still here, dear. I felt guilty for not visiting you for a while now, so I asked Isis to bring you those gifts’, Musa lied. ‘That was very thoughtful of you dad. I still want to see you though’, Amy said. ‘I know dear. I’ll come visit you very soon’, Musa replied. ‘Dad, aunty Isis is really pretty. You should totally ask her out, if you haven’t’, Amy said. ‘First of, Isis is married. Secondly, you’re too young to be talking about relationships’, Musa said. ‘I’m 14 years old, dad. Besides, I have a boyfriend now. This is the twenty-first century and not the eighties’, Amy said. ‘Alright big girl. Just make sure you focus on your studies and make your daddy proud’, Musa said. ‘I will dad’, she replied. ‘I have to go now. Goodbye. I love you’, Musa said. ‘I love you too dad’, Amy said and the call was ended.
Musa was still thinking about his conversation with Amy. ‘She already has a boyfriend. Children just grow up too fast nowadays. Any boy that’ll be foolish enough to break her heart will have broken arms and legs as his reward’, He thought.
Musa eyes suddenly fell on Chike who was slowly losing consciousness. He needed to keep Chike alive. His daughter’s life depended on it. He was not about to put his daughter in harm’s way. Musa immediately dialed a number. ‘Hello Dr Tom. I’m bringing a patient in critical condition to you. Leave every other thing you’re doing. This is top priority’, Musa said and ended the call.

Obi’s bed suddenly burst into flames and he jumped out of the bed. Everywhere was ablaze. ‘How did the fire spread so fast?’ he asked himself. The smoke was choking him. He scrambled to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. ‘I can’t die like this. Not without a fight’, Obi thought. He heaved at the door with all might but it didn’t budge. Out of desperation, he started screaming; ‘Help me! Get me out of here!’
Obi woke up screaming and sweating. He was partially relieved to discover that it was all a nightmare. ‘Are these nightmares ever going to end?’ he asked himself.
‘You okay in there?’ The guard at his door asked. ‘Yeah. Just a nightmare’, Obi replied. ‘I don’t know what you’re afraid of. This place is a maximum security facility. It is practically impregnable. You needn’t worry about your brothers sending people to kill you. Besides, according to the news, all your brothers are dead except Ikenga’, The guard said.
‘This place may be impregnable for most people but not for some vipers. Musa would not find it difficult to slip in here, plant a bomb and leave’, Obi thought. He knew better than to be comforted by the fact that Ikenga was the only one alive. Ikenga was the person with the most resources at his disposal. It was only a matter of time before Ikenga got to him. ‘I really need to leave this place. These nightmares and the boredom here will probably kill me before Ikenga does. This must be how hell feels; no women, no clubs, no casinos, no contact with the outside world. It is more than I can bear. I’ve been a coward for too long. Even Chike did not run to the police like I did. It’s time to act like the head viper that I am’, he thought. ‘Hey Adamu, please help me contact the inspector general of police and tell him that I need to see him tomorrow’, Obi said to the guard. It was time to put plan B in motion.


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