Vipers Ep. 18

Dr Tom had his hands full at the General Hospital where he was on call. ‘Just when I started thinking that my day wasn’t going to be anymore complicated than it already was’, he said to himself after he ended Musa’s call. He kept cursing as he arranged his briefcase. Had it been someone else, he would have told the person to go straight to hell. He knew better though. Musa was after all, one of the best assassins around. He didn’t feel like dying just yet. He was also not interested in losing someone he cared about. ‘Why on earth would he want me to save someone’s life? The man is a killer for crying out loud. Did he shoot the wrong guy?’ Tom asked himself as he drove home.

‘Perfect timing doc. I just got here too’, Musa said. ‘I would have said that I’m happy to see you, but we both know that that’s a huge lie. What exactly can I do for you?’ Tom said. ‘Well, I’m sure happy to see you. I shot the wrong guy and I need you to patch him up. You best get to work because if you lose him, you lose your life’, Musa said. They both carried Chike into the house and put him on a makeshift operating table in one of the rooms. Dr Tom did not like the condition of his new patient. He seemed to have lost a lot of blood. ‘You better don’t die on me’, Tom continuously whispered as he brought out his medical kit and started the operation.

Musa was not worried about Chike. ‘The man is a head viper. He’ll definitely survive. I need to make plans to ensure my daughter’s safety in future though. I’ll do whatever Chike wants, but once it is done and my daughter is faraway from Africa, I’ll come for him. No one threatens my daughter and lives. Head viper or not’, he thought. His only worry was that he couldn’t possibly lay a finger on how Chike had found out about Amy. The school was virtually unpopular. He had chosen the school for that very reason. He intended to find out from Chike, where he had slipped up and then correct his mistakes. He didn’t want his daughter’s life threatened in future.

Musa’s thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of his handset. Without looking at the caller ID, he knew who it was. He allowed the phone to continue ringing until the call ended. He took a deep breath, mentally composed himself and then walked out of the house. His handset started ringing again after three minutes and this time, he picked the call after the third ring.
‘Hello Musa. You got me worried for a moment there. Why didn’t you call me to report the progress of your operation? I started wondering if Chike had killed you’, Ikenga said immediately Musa picked the call. ‘I’m sorry boss. I really needed to shower after the operation’, Musa said. ‘I don’t understand. Why did you need an urgent shower?’ Ikenga asked. ‘Things didn’t happen as planned. It got a lot messier than planned. I’ve sent a picture of Chike to your phone. It should explain everything’, Musa replied. ‘Woah!’ Ikenga exclaimed as he saw the picture. ‘Why is he covered in so much blood? You could have just shot him instead of beating him to death. His face is barely recognizable. Do u have a personal problem with Chike that I don’t know about?’ Ikenga asked. ‘Not at all Sir. I shot him twice but he still kept fighting. I had to improvise. Does the method really matter? I still got the job done’, Musa argued. ‘True that. The end justifies the means. Well done Musa. I’ve already transferred your payments and bonuses to your account’, Ikenga said. ‘Thank you boss’, Musa said and ended the call.
Musa heaved a huge sigh of relief. Thank goodness he was an accomplished liar. His reliable record had also made it easier for Ikenga to believe him. It had been quick thinking on his part to pour part of the blood brought by Tom on Chike’s body. ‘I’ve succeeded in deceiving the devil for now. Ikenga is going to be very pissed when he finds out that I lied to him. I’ll worry about that later though’, Musa thought.
‘Musa! Your man is awake’, Dr Tom called. ‘About time. It’s time to attend to the devil’s junior brother’, Musa said to himself as he entered the house.



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