Vipers Ep. 19

‘Musa, Musa. I always knew that as a smart man, you would make the smart decision’, Chike said as Musa entered the room. ‘You are not supposed to involve family members in this. That’s the basic rule of the coronation games’, Musa said. He had a lethal look on his face but Chike was unperturbed. ‘You really need to get yourself a lawyer to help you interpret laws. The rule states that the family members of the competitors, that is, the sons of the deceased Supreme leader are not to be touched. It doesn’t say anything about the family members of the fraternity’s soldiers like you. Besides, Ikenga wasn’t exactly playing by the rules when he sent that beast of a man called Cholo to my house, knowing fully well that Cholo never leaves any survivors behind’, Chike said. ‘In that case, your quarrel is not with me but with Ikenga’, Musa argued. ‘True. That’s why your daughter is untouched for now. Although, if you refuse to do as I say, we are going to have a serious problem’, Chike said. ‘Of all your brothers, you seemed like you were the one with a good heart. I didn’t think that you’d be the one to stoop so low as to harm a little girl’, Musa said. ‘What kind of a heart do you have? You have more bodycount than most contract killers. Besides, Ikenga has left me with very few choices. I have to use you, his deadliest warrior against him. You are one person that he wouldn’t see coming’, Chike said. ‘I’m a bit curious though. How did you learn about my daughter?’ Musa asked.

‘It was actually by a stroke of luck really. Two years ago, my wife and I went to visit a family friend, Emmanuel and his wife, Success, one Sunday evening. As we were discussing over dinner, Emmanuel told me about a male teacher at Cairo College who was recently arrested for molesting female students. He said that the last female student he made moves on, had reported him to the school authority and the principal handed him over to the police. What piqued my interest in the story though was the fact that the teacher had died in his cell under mysterious circumstances. Emmanuel told me that they believed that God struck the teacher dead in his cell for his sins. I knew better though. I had my men make enquiries as to who was the assassin involved. I was hoping to enlist the assassin’s services. My men didn’t succeed though but one of them saw you leaving Shoprite with a girl wearing Cairo College uniform. I put two and two together and all the pieces fell into place’, Chike said. Musa cursed under his breath. He had taken Amy to shoprite for her birthday. ‘I should have known that someone would be curious at the manner of death of that pedophile. I had to end him though. No one messes with my Amy. I have made the mistake but I’m sure going to make it right for Amy; even if it means eliminating Ikenga’, Musa thought.

The sound of heavy gunfire woke Obi from his sleep. He checked his watch. It was 1:30 am. He heard the commanding officer of the Cantonment, Major General AJF giving orders to his men at the top of his voice so he could be heard over the gunshot sounds. ‘This place is under serious attack. Ikenga must really want me dead if he decided to use an army of vipers instead of just sending one man to stealthily do the job’, Obi said. He had expected Ikenga to send a lone assassin such as Musa to eliminate him. ‘He probably thinks that because I acted cowardly by running to the police, I won’t be able to hold my own against these people. I may have been a coward, but I still remain a head viper and I’m not going to go down that easy’, Obi said to himself.
The heavy gunfire continued with the soldiers replying with their own firepower. After two hours, the sound of gunfire ceased. Obi strained his ears to hear any sound of movement but the night had suddenly become quiet. After some minutes, he heard the door of his room being unlocked from outside. He immediately switched off his room’s light and braced himself. ‘I may be without weapons but I’m going to show this people what it means to be a head viper’, he said to himself as he stood close to the door. The odds were against him but he intended to take down as many people as possible with him.


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