Vipers Ep. 20

Immediately the door opened, Obi pounced on the person standing at the door and they both fell to the floor with Obi on top of his assailant. The man let out a surprised yelp as he was thrown onto the hard floor. Obi immediately grabbed the man’s head and was about to smash it on the floor when he heard Adamu’s voice. ‘Calm down Obi. It’s us. Please release him’, Adamu said as he located the light switch and put it on. ‘Why did you guys have to creep up on me like that?’ Obi asked in a voice full of relief as he released his hold on the soldier’s head. ‘We’re sorry. After the attack, your cell seemed unusually quiet so Taiwo and I decided to check up on you. We wanted to be sure that you were still safe’, Adamu said. ‘Where on earth were you trained to fight? ‘ Taiwo asked with a voice laced with admiration. Obi smiled inspite of himself. ‘It’s a secret. I would have to kill you after I tell you. This place is no longer safe for me. I need to speak to your Commanding officer and the Inspector general. I don’t want more good soldiers dying because of me’, Obi said. ‘Don’t worry yourself. No soldier was killed in tonight’s attack’, Adamu said. ‘What!? You mean, with all those gunshot sounds that I heard, not a single soldier was killed?’ Obi asked. ‘Not a single dead soldier on your conscience, my good Sir’, Taiwo answered. ‘I don’t know what you were afraid of. Your brother’s men actually retreated after some time when we started returning fire. I think they probably assumed that they will meet a lesser resistance here’, Adamu said. ‘That is very shocking to hear. They probably were not my brother’s men. I don’t think an army vipers can come for an operation and not kill a single person. I still want to leave this place though. If they tried once, they’ll surely try again’, Obi said. ‘No problem. I’ll talk to the Commanding officer. Try to get some sleep. You’ll see him before noon’, Adamu said. Adamu and Taiwo then left the room and Obi was left alone with his thoughts.
‘I have no doubt that it was the vipers that came to pay me a visit. What I don’t understand is why Ikenga would send a group of vipers to a secure military facility, to kill me and they end up not killing anyone. They even retreated because of a little resistance. I don’t know what’s Ikenga’s play but I’m not waiting around here to find out’, Obi thought.

‘Welcome, Inspector General’, Major General AJF said as Peter entered his office. ‘Good morning General. What does Obi want this time? He should know that he can’t just summon anyone as he pleases. He’s after all, a criminal’, Peter said. ‘I can’t really blame him. He’s concerned about his safety. He is really afraid of his elder brother and after last night’s incident, he believes that another attempt will be made on his life’, AJF replied. ‘How serious was last night’s attack?’ Peter asked. Before Major General AJF could answer, there was a knock on the door.

‘Princewill, did I not tell you that we were not to be disturbed?’ AJF said in a voice laced with irritation. ‘Apologies Sir. It’s Obi’s lawyer, Mr Chinedu. I told him that Obi was not here but he said that he had concrete proof that Obi was here. He said that if he was not allowed access to Obi, he would sue the South African police, the Army and the federal government for denying his client his right to an attorney’, Princewill said. Mr Chinedu walked into the office and sat down beside Peter. ‘What’s it going to be? Will I be seeing Obi or will we settle in court?’ Chinedu said. ‘You will see your client. Princewill, bring Obi to the office’, AJF said to Chinedu.
Obi was surprised and happy to see his lawyer as he entered the office. ‘Thank goodness, my lawyer is here. I have only one request. I want to be transferred from this place to a more classified location. This place is no longer safe for me’, he said. Peter knew that it was pointless to refuse Obi’s request. Chinedu was a seasoned senior advocate of South Africa and he had an impressive track record. It was better for them to pretend to be on his side so he could help them to get a signed confession from Obi. ‘Alright, give us two days to arrange a secure location. I’ll even let you know the location so you can come see your client there’, Peter said. ‘That’s fantastic. My client will be very happy with that. Now gentlemen, I must take my leave. I need to be in court’, Chinedu said and left the office.

As soon as Chinedu left the office, he drove to a nearby pay phone and made an international call. ‘Hello Ikenga, I got them to agree to transfer Obi to another place. I’ll let you know the location when I’m told’, Chinedu said and ended the call.

Ikenga smiled as he dropped his phone on the table. ‘I knew that Obi would be spooked  by that pseudo attack. I’ll just have my men attack the convoy on their way to the new location. Obi has been smoked out of his hole like the rabbit he is. I’ve outsmarted them yet again. Obi is a fool to trust Chinedu. He’ll pay for his foolishness with his life’, he thought.



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