Vipers Ep. 21

‘I hope this mission is not going to be like the last one?’ Cholo asked in a clearly annoyed tone. He was seated in Ikenga’s study wearing Ibo traditional attire and leather sandals. ‘I can see that you’re still upset with me because of your last operation’, Ikenga said. ‘Why wouldn’t I be? You sent me, Cholo the beast, on a weapons testing operation. You know, more than anyone else, about my reputation as the beast that leaves no witnesses alive; yet you instructed me and my men to not kill any soldiers but to just shoot off target for a while and retreat. Do you know how humiliated I felt after that? I actually went from the beast that kills everyone to the bitch that left everyone alive. Those idiots at the cantonment will now start boasting that they repelled an army of vipers. I hope for all our sakes that you have not lost it’, Cholo said. ‘Trust me, the operation was for a higher purpose’, Ikenga said. ‘Do tell. What was the purpose? To ridicule me and ruin my reputation?’ Cholo asked. ‘No. Don’t worry about your reputation. This operation will help you to redeem yourself. The previous operation was just a means to an end. I wanted Obi to panic and demand for a transfer and he has done exactly that. I want you and your men to attack the convoy and do what you do best. I asked you to head the previous operation because I wanted you to be enraged. Channel that rage to this operation. I want no witnesses left behind’, Ikenga said. ‘That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day. Now you’ve spoken like the head viper you are. My men and I will ensure that no human being in that convoy escapes. Those soldiers are going to feel my weight’, Cholo said, smiling cynically. ‘I know that I can count on you to do the job. I want that coward Obi and his uniformed friends eliminated’, Ikenga said. ‘Let me go and start preparing my men for the job’, Cholo said and left the room.

‘So, what do you think of the travel plan?’ Major General AJF asked the other two men seated in his office. ‘The plan is a solid one. With the combined effort of your men and mine, the operation should go smoothly’, Peter said. ‘Mr Chinedu, I don’t expect you to be knowledgeable in these matters but what do you think of the security plan for Obi’s transfer?’ AJF asked. ‘Well, I believe that anyone literate enough can see that barring any natural disasters, my client will be safely transferred to his new location’, Chinedu replied. ‘Bloody lawyers. He just had to mention natural disasters’, AJF swore inwardly. He had no love for lawyers and their problems. That was one of the reasons why he chose the army instead of the police.
Peter was glad that Obi was getting his wish. ‘This will make Mr Chinedu think that we are on his side and he’ll encourage his client to give us his signed confession’, Peter thought.
Chinedu felt a little guilty for the part he was going to play. ‘The careers of these two men is probably going to be in jeopardy when this operation fails. The plan is foolproof but Obi will die anyway. Being born into the ruling family of the vipers is a natural disaster already for cowards like Obi.
Major General AJF was just glad that the prisoner was leaving the cantonment. He had been worried that the people that came for Obi the other night would come again with a larger and more lethal force. He didn’t want to lose patriotic soldiers because of a criminal. ‘Princewill, make a copy of this plan and give it to Allison. He’ll be in charge of the operation. Tell him that it is for his eyes only,’ AJF said to his orderly. ‘Yes Sir. Princewill replied and left the office.

Princewill couldn’t contain his joy as he left the office. ‘David is going to be very  pleased’, he thought as he dialed a number. ‘Hello boss, I have the travel plan for Obi’s transfer. I’ll bring a copy to you this evening’, Princewill said. ‘That’s good. I’ll see you then; David said and ended the call. Princewill smiled to himself. He was going to be made very rich because of the information he had.

As soon as David ended the call, he dialed another number. ‘We have what we need now. It’s time for us to crash Obi’s party; he said and ended the call.


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