Vipers Ep. 22

‘I know that most of you are still annoyed with me because of our last mission, but trust me, this mission will more than make up for it. It is time for us to rain death on Obi and his uniformed friends’, Cholo said to his men. They were assembled in a safe house in Capetown. The news was greeted by a loud cheer from Cholo’s men. They all had been disappointed when they were ordered not to kill anyone during their last mission. Killing soldiers felt like an added bonus to them because most of them had either been rejected by the military or had been dishonorably discharged from the special forces. Cholo was impressed by his men’s response. ‘Obi is not going to see us coming’, he thought.

Major General AJF was pleased with himself. The two unmarked vehicles he sent to scout the routes had just reported that there was no unusual activity on the route. It was just as he had anticipated. Obi was being transported to a secret army base in the rugged mountain village of McGregor. McGregor town was two hours from Capetown. The serenity of the town was to their advantage as they would be able to spot anyone following their convoy from miles away. They were prepared for a surprise attack though. He had twenty-six his best men traveling with the convoy to ensure the maximum security of the prisoner. He immediately radioed Allison after receiving the report. ‘The mission is a go’, he said.
‘Copy that, Sir’, Allison replied.

‘Gentlemen it’s time to move out. Muster for your final briefing’, Allison said. Major Allison was one of the most disciplined and diligent soldiers of the South African Army. He had a lot more combat experience than his mates as he had been involved in joint operations with the special forces both in South Africa and other African countries such as Liberia, Zimbabwe and Libya. He had managed to hold his own in all these operations. This had won him a lot of admiration from both his subordinates and his superiors. The soldiers assembled at the muster point in their combat gear.
‘Listen up! The prisoner is top priority. We are to protect him at all costs. Our convoy consists of seven vehicles. The prisoner’s van will be in the middle of the convoy. Adamu, Taiwo and I will travel with him. Our best gunners, Tochukwu and Paul will mount the GPMGs in the first and last vans of the convoy. They will be assisted by four other gunners, Confidence, Ebuka, Ibrahim and Samuel, armed with automatic rifles. The rest of you will equally occupy the remaining four vans with your rifles. The men at the base will provide backup, should we need it. Are we clear?’ Allison asked. ‘Yes Sir’, they chorused. ‘Let’s move out then. Godspeed gentlemen’, Allison said and they all moved to their different vehicles and commenced their journey.

The convoy travelled for an hour and half without incident. Some of the men were beginning to doze off as a result of the boredom of the silent night.

Allison was also bored. A part of him had been expecting an attack. ‘It seems like the god of misfortune is asleep’, he thought. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by gunshots. The quietness of the night had been shattered. ‘Lead, what is the situation?’ He asked. ‘There’s a blockade in front and some men are firing at us from there. What’s our order?’ Tochukwu asked. ‘Return fire. Shoot them down’, Allison ordered. ‘Copy that Sir’, Tochukwu replied. The soldiers immediately began to return fire. As their attention was drawn to the front, Cholo and some of his men appeared from the surrounding mountainside and rained bullets on the right side of the convoy. The gunners’ van in front and behind the convoy were blasted by rockets. Other soldiers panicked and scampered to different directions in a bid to escape the rain of bullets.

‘Our mission was clearly sabotaged but we are not going to go down without a fight. They are shooting at us from the right side. Let’s take cover around the mountainside at the left. We’ll get help from the soldiers at the base. Remember to protect Obi’, Allison said to Adamu and Taiwo as he opened the door of the van. Immediately the door opened, Allison was shot from outside by David. He was standing beside the van with another man. Both men had their pistols drawn. ‘What took you so long?’ Obi asked David. ‘I was hiding from Cholo’s men. Let’s all get out of here before that beast sees us. Mike here, will give us cover’, David said and they all hurried into the mountain side.


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