Vipers Ep. 23

Immediately after the others left, Mike threw a grenade into the van and ran for cover. The explosion of the grenade, momentarily halted proceedings. ‘That’s the van Obi is supposed be in. He probably decided to kill himself instead of to come out and fight. A coward will always remain a coward. Don’t take any chances though. Search the vehicles and kill everyone alive. No witnesses are to be spared’, Cholo said and his men began to search the vehicles. The vehicles were searched and every soldier still breathing, was killed. Cholo was feeling elated after the operation. He had been given a chance to redeem his reputation and he had maximized the opportunity. ‘Ikenga is sure going to be pleased’, He thought as he dialed Ikenga’s number.

Well-done gentlemen. The plan was executed perfectly. Kudos all-round’, Obi addressed the five men with him. They were all seated in the lavishly furnished study of one of his secret apartments located in Johannesburg. He was dressed casually in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. ‘This is just the first phase of our plan. The second phase will involve eliminating Ikenga and becoming the Supreme leader. Princewill, are you sure that you want to join Taiwo and Adamu in Europe? No one suspects you. You can always continue your military career’, Obi said. ‘Major General AJF will surely suffer compulsory retirement because of the mission’s failure. The retirement of my godfather does not bode well for my career. Besides, you’ve paid me more money than I could ever have dreamed of earning in the military’, Princewill replied. ‘Alright that’s settled then. Arrangements will be made for the three of you to travel to Spain. Enjoy yourselves but make sure you keep a low profile before someone starts asking questions’, Obi said. ‘Thanks boss’, the three men chorused and left the room. Obi then turned to the other two men. ‘David and Mike, you guys did a good job. It’s time for us to plan Ikenga’s elimination. We will have to first visit my long time lawyer and friend though. It’s true that his betrayal helped my cause but I’m still going to teach Chinedu never to betray me again. Too bad he may not be alive after the lesson. It doesn’t matter what hole he hides in. We’ll smoke him out like the bush rat he is’, Obi said.

Chinedu was a prudent man. He had gone into hiding, immediately after Ikenga paid him. ‘Just in case Ikenga decides to tie up loose ends. I know better than to trust a viper’, Chinedu thought. He had already finished making arrangements to leave South Africa. He was going to Dubai the next day. ‘I may probably stay there for many years. I don’t need to work anymore. I already have a lot of money’, he thought.
Chinedu was bored after packing his things. He desperately needed to go out. He considered going to any of his favorite places but he thought better of it. ‘Ikenga may have men waiting for me at these places ‘, he thought. He then remembered the World Cup Final between Nigeria and Germany that was taking place that evening at the national stadium in Capetown. ‘I must go and cheer the Super Eagles in their first ever World Cup Final. The place is too public so I can easily blend in with the crowd. I must buy George’s custom-made jersey; both his Nigerian jersey and that of his new club, Real Madrid at the stadium,’ Chinedu thought as he prepared to go to the stadium.

Chinedu enjoyed the match much more than he had expected. He had jumped and screamed with joy when George scored the winning goal. He was so impressed with the performance of the Super Eagles that he went back to the store where he bought George’s jerseys and bought the jerseys of the whole team. ‘I won’t forget this day in a hurry’, he said out loud as he walked towards the door of his car which was parked at a discreet distance from other cars. As he was about to enter the car, he felt a blow to his head and he slumped.

‘He’s right boss. He won’t forget this day in a hurry’, Mike said as he dropped the stick he used to knockout Chinedu. ‘How did you know that he would come here?’ David asked. ‘We are both alike in some ways. I myself, couldn’t refuse an opportunity to watch George and the Super Eagles in their first World Cup Final. We are both diehard fans of George, the Eagles’ Captain’, Obi said. Chinedu’s limp form was then carried into the boot of the car by Mike and they sped off to Obi’s apartment.


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