Vipers Ep. 24

Chinedu regained consciousness after one hour. When, he came to, he saw Obi and two of his men staring at him. He couldn’t contain his shock. ‘How is this possible?’ he asked. ‘You look like you’ve seen a ghost?’ Obi said to him. ‘You literally took the words out of my mouth. You’re the last person I expected to still be alive’, Chinedu said. Obi laughed. ‘You’ve known me for a long time. Did you really think that I was that stupid? From the day you came to the cantonment and made a show of representing me as my lawyer, I knew that Ikenga was up to something. My men lacked the numbers to attack the cantonment and rescue me. Even the convoy would have been an uphill task for them. I simply instructed my men to use Ikenga’s attack on the convoy as a distraction. Everything couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. It’s safe to say that I’m still alive because of your betrayal. It’s not going to stop me from killing you though. You had the guts to betray me despite our many years of friendship’, Obi said. ‘Please, you have to understand me. There are very few people that can say ‘no’ to your brother if he wants them to do something and I am not one of them. You are my friend and I care about your well-being; but I do not wish to die now. I was faced with a hard choice. It was either you or myself; and I chose myself’, Chinedu said. Well, you made the wrong choice and for that, you’ll die slowly’, Obi said. ‘I know that it is not in the nature of vipers to have mercy. I won’t ask for your mercy. I just want to point out that I can help you in your quest to eliminate Ikenga. He considers me a man on his payroll and since he believes that you are dead, he wouldn’t expect me to have a reason to betray him. Besides, after you defeat him and become the Supreme leader, you may need a lawyer to handle some of your affairs from time to time. I think I will be well suited for that with my level of experience and you can also attest to the fact that I’ve kept your secrets safe, all these years’, Chinedu argued. ‘Chinedu, Chinedu. Always the lawyer. I think you have a made a strong defence for your case. I need someone close to Ikenga, so I can find out his weakness. I will give you a gift to send to him in appreciation for the money he gave you. Prepare yourself then, you may need to go to Nigeria soon’, Obi said. ‘Thank you man. You won’t regret this decision’, Chinedu said. ‘You better pray that I don’t regret it because you will pay the price with your life. Contact Ikenga now and tell him that you are sending a gift to him’, Obi said and handed a secure phone to Chinedu.

Ikenga smiled, after he ended the call. ‘Chinedu is trying to gain my friendship with his gift. All I need is the return address on the package though, so I can know where to find him. I need to be sure that I can easily send men to keep him quiet if he starts singing like a canary to the police’, Ikenga thought.

‘Boss, I don’t really believe that Ikenga will be deceived by Chinedu’, David said after Chinedu left. ‘I have my doubts too; but the package will make things easier if its explosion kills Ikenga. Even if it doesn’t kill him, it will piss Ikenga off and he will send Musa to eliminate Chinedu at the return address on the package. Chinedu will serve as the bait that will lure Musa to this place and we will be waiting to either kill him or recruit him. Once Musa is removed from the equation, eliminating Ikenga will just be a piece of cake’, Obi said.



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