Vipers Ep. 25

Ikenga couldn’t shake the premonitions he was having that things were going to go south. He didn’t understand why he was feeling that way. ‘All my brothers have been eliminated. I am to be crowned the Supreme Leader of the vipers tomorrow, yet I feel like there’s still an unfinished business that I overlooked’, he thought. He missed Caro. He didn’t regret killing her because she would have done the same thing, had she the opportunity. He just missed her because she was the only one he would have loved to celebrate his victory with. Caro had made him much happier than his wife ever did. Now she was dead, by his own hand. ‘I literally killed my happiness’, He thought. He then decided to visit Caro’s graveside in the compound. He had asked his men to bury her in the compound because of how much she meant to him. It didn’t matter to him that she couldn’t hear him. He was going to talk to her anyway. There was a knock on his door. ‘What is it?’ Ikenga asked. ‘The package from Chinedu is here’, his man answered. ‘Leave it in the living room. I’m coming to see it’, Ikenga said.

Chike was tired of being holed up in Musa’s apartment. His bullet wounds were fully healed and despite Musa’s repeated warnings, he decided to venture out of the house when Musa went to the barbershop. ‘I’m supposed to be dead. Ikenga will not be looking for me,’ he thought. He left a note for Musa and went to the Pavilion, his favorite bar, to get a chilled beer.

Musa was furious when he returned from the barbershop and discovered that Chike had left the house. Chike had left him a note saying that he had gone to the pavilion for a drink. ‘That bastard seems to have forgotten that we are in Nigeria and Ikenga has men everywhere. Maybe I’ll shoot his legs again so he can stay put in this apartment’, Musa thought. He already had plans in motion to extract his daughter from her school and send her to Europe. ‘Once she’s safe, I’ll show Chike why I’m the best hired killer in Africa’, Musa said to himself and left for the Pavilion.

Chinedu kept taking pictures of himself with his phone. He was seated in Obi’s apartment, dressed casually in t-shirts and jeans. ‘What is the meaning of this? Why the sudden interest in photography?’ Obi asked as he entered the room. ‘I figured that in all my pictures, I was formally dressed, so I decided to take a picture in a casual attire. Besides, this place provides a good background for pictures’, Chinedu said. ‘Put that away. We have a more serious business to attend to’, Obi said. ‘Yes boss. No more pictures’, Chinedu said. He took one more selfie before he put his phone away.

Chinedu did not need to be told that he was being used as a means to an end by Obi. ‘Whatever is in that package will probably piss Ikenga off. Besides, Ikenga will skin me alive if he gets a whiff of betrayal from me. The best thing for me to do is to try to please the two of them in any way possible. Obi doesn’t know that I captured his face in my last selfie. I’ll send it to Ikenga, so he’ll know that his brother is alive. He’ll be grateful to me for warning him. I just hope I’m not too late’, Chinedu said to himself as he sent the picture.

Tunde watched the explosion occur, from his van, parked at a safe distance. He had done a good job. David was going to be pleased. ‘What if Ikenga is not yet dead and he’s just injured? David said I should just make the delivery but I’m going to make sure that Ikenga is really dead. That way, Obi will be impressed by my bravery’, Tunde thought as he opened the door of the van and started walking towards the house. He had scarcely taken twenty steps before Ikenga appeared from nowhere behind him and shot him on both legs. Tunde yelped in pain, fell down and the gun fell out of his hand. Ikenga then stood over Tunde with his pistol drawn. ‘We are going to have an important discussion . You’ll tell me who sent you, and I’ll tell you how I managed to escape your bomb. After that, I’ll then send you to your ancestors’, Ikenga said with a menacing look on his face.



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