Vipers Ep. 26

‘I’m not telling you anything. You’re going to kill me anyway’, Tunde said. He was seating on the floor, close to his van and he was applying pressure to his bullet wounds to limit the blood loss as he also fought to remain conscious. ‘You’re right. I have no intention of letting you live after our conversation. That’s why I suggested an exchange of information. I’m even willing to first tell you how I escaped from the blast. Who knows, if you give me a vital information, I may just decide to have mercy on you’, Ikenga said. ‘Alright, speak first then’, Tunde said.
‘I have Chinedu to thank for the major role he played. He sent me a recent photo he took with Obi. Immediately I saw the picture, two things became clear to me. One; Obi was alive and two; The gift sent to me was probably Obi’s doing and it was meant to kill me. I barely had enough time to escape the blast, but I’m not a head viper for nothing. That’s all there is, to tell. It’s your turn. Let me hear what you have to say’, Ikenga said. ‘I was sent by Obi. You should have guessed that by now. I kept telling Obi not to trust Chinedu but he wouldn’t listen. He kept saying that Chinedu has been his friend for many years and he trusted him. Now, Chinedu has sabotaged my mission and delivered me to the hands of death’, Tunde lamented. ‘Trust me, I feel your plight. I know how it feels to be betrayed. I’ve actually decided to spare your life on one condition’, Ikenga said.

‘What’s the condition?’ Tunde asked with a hopeful voice. ‘Just call Obi and tell him that you were successful. Tell him that I was blown to pieces’, Ikenga said and offered a secure phone to him. Tunde hesitated, he then shrugged his shoulders. ‘It’ll serve Obi right. After all, it’s his poor assessment of character that got me in this mess, in the first place’, Tunde thought as he collected the phone and dialed Obi’s phone number.

‘Hello boss. The job is done. Ikenga is history’, Tunde said. ‘Well-done Tunde. I must confess, I had my doubts about the whole operation, but you have proven to me that you are a good assassin. I intend to add a huge reward to your payment’, Obi said and ended the call.
‘I’ve done as you asked. It’s time for you to set me free’, Tunde said. ‘I did promise to set you free. I intend to fulfill my promise’, Ikenga said and shot Tunde twice, on the head. ‘You are now truly free from the cares and problems of this world’, Ikenga mocked. ‘Some people are just foolish. How on earth did he think that he was leaving here alive? At least I’ve used him to deceive Obi. It’s time for Obi to feel my wrath. He is not going to see me coming until it’s too late’, Ikenga thought. He now understood why he had been feeling uneasy. Obi’s death was the unfinished business. ‘I’ll handle it in no time though’, he said to himself. ‘Clear up this mess’, Ikenga said to two of his men.

Musa was still fuming when he got to Chike’s table at the Pavilion. ‘Is your brain located on your leg? Because I shot your leg and your thinking became corrupted. You seem to forget that you are in Nigeria and your brother has men everywhere’, Musa said in anger. ‘Relax and have a bottle of beer. You worry too much. Ikenga believes that I am dead. He wouldn’t be looking for me’, Chike argued.

Charles’ irritation level kept increasing as he watched the two men arguing, two rows ahead of him. He had come to the Pavilion to drink his beer in peace. ‘I don’t blame them. I blame the people that legalized gay marriages. If I wanted to hear people arguing, I would go home to my nagging wife’, he thought. After sometime, he couldn’t take it anymore. He decided to go to the couple and ask them to find somewhere else for their argument. He started walking towards the couple but he suddenly froze, halfway to their table, when he recognized the two men. ‘So, Chike is still alive. He is now buddies with Musa. I have to let Ikenga know before he makes the mistake of continuing to trust Musa’, Charles thought as he brought out his phone and dialed Ikenga’s number.



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