Vipers Ep. 27

‘I’ll just send Musa instead of Cholo to South Africa for Obi’s elimination. He’ll do a clean job without a trace. Cholo and his men will just cause a racket and Obi may probably escape using the commotion as cover’, Ikenga said to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of his cellphone.

‘Hello Sir, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I feel like this is something you need to be aware of’, Charles said. ‘What is the bad news?’ Ikenga asked in a calm voice. He knew that some of his men, in a bid to impress him, used exaggerations to make their report. Charles was probably looking for an excuse to call him.
‘It’s your junior brother, Chike. He’s still alive. I saw him at the Pavilion with Musa. They are still here as we speak ‘, Charles said.
Ikenga couldn’t believe his ears. ‘How is it possible that Musa of all people, chose to betray me? Today just keeps getting more complicated’, Ikenga thought.
‘Hello Sir. Are you still there?’ Charles asked. ‘I am still here’, Ikenga replied. ‘What are my orders? Should I send my men after them?’ Charles asked. Ikenga considered the suggestion for a while, but he then decided against it. ‘Don’t bother them. Stand down. Thank you for the information’, Ikenga said and ended the call.
‘Musa is one of the best. He’ll probably waste Charles’ men. Besides, I wouldn’t want Musa to be killed. He’s a useful henchman. If I were a superstitious man, I would think that Obi and Chike rose from the dead. I know better though. ‘I should have known that my brothers won’t be that easy to kill. Obi’s elimination has to wait for now. Chike has become a priority because he now controls my best soldier. I’m going to handle his elimination myself’, Ikenga thought.

‘I hope you have men at the airport. I don’t want Musa to enter this country without our knowledge’, Obi said to David. Both men were seated in Obi’s study and going over their plans for Musa’s expected visit to South Africa. ‘I have men at every station that leads into South Africa; Airport, train, sea, even road’, David replied. ‘That’s good. We can’t afford any slip ups or else, Musa will catch us unawares’, Obi said. ‘The only person that is not secured, is the bait. Musa may end him before we can get to him’, David said. ‘I don’t care if Chinedu dies. Just make sure that Musa is taken care of’, Obi said. ‘I will, boss’, David said and left the room.

‘I really do miss you’, Ikenga said. He was standing at Caro’s graveside. ‘I actually regret killing you. I hope you forgive me and understand that I did what I had to do. It is on days like this, when I really need to talk to someone, that I realize the importance of your role in my life. Musa, one of my most loyal soldiers, has betrayed me. It also turns out that Cholo and his men left a survivor, Obi, the very person I asked them to kill. ‘I can’t help but wonder how Chike managed to pay Musa more than I currently do,’ He said.

A sudden realization then hit him. Musa did not betray him for the money. ‘Musa knows that I’m way richer than Chike. This just means that Chike has him hooked by another means. Knowing Musa, there’s only one other thing that makes him tick’, he thought.
‘Thank you Caro. You’ve been a great help, even in death’, Ikenga said and started walking back to the other building in the compound where he was using as a makeshift residence until his bomb-ravaged flat was renovated.
‘It was a smart move by Chike to coerce Musa into working for him. It’s not smart enough though. It’s going to be his undoing’, Ikenga thought.


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