Vipers Ep. 28

After their argument, Musa reluctantly agreed to have a drink with Chike. Musa’s mood improved with each bottle of beer and by the time they left the Pavilion, they were best of pals. They headed to Musa’s apartment and they both went to their different rooms to sleep off the effects of the beer.

‘It has been quite a while since I stalked a prey. It feels good to be doing this again’, Ikenga said to Charles. They were in a black IVM jeep parked across the street from Musa’s apartment. They had followed Musa’s vehicle, from the bar, at a discreet distance to avoid being noticed. ‘Let us wait until they are fast asleep; then I’ll send in my men to kill them’, Charles said. ‘Don’t bother yourself. This matter is personal. I’ll handle Musa and Chike. Tell your men to move in, if things go south though’, Ikenga said. ‘Alright boss. Just don’t take unnecessary risks. We’re here to help you do the job, if need be’, Charles said. ‘I’ll keep that in mind’, Ikenga said. ‘I’m not going to need any external help. My foolproof plan is going to work’, Ikenga thought as he started walking towards the house.

Musa’s sound sleep was interrupted by the sound of a book falling to the floor. ‘How did these rats manage to enter my room again? These small animals will not allow a man to rest’, He thought.
After a few seconds, another book fell and the sound was followed by footsteps causing the hair at the back of Musa’s neck to stand. Someone was in his room. He became fully alert as adrenaline coursed through his veins. He kept still, as though he was still asleep and stealthily slipped his hand under his pillow, to grab his gun.
‘I know you’re awake. Grab your gun if you must. I just came to talk’, Ikenga said. Musa was shell-shocked. ‘How did you know?’ He asked. ‘Know what? That you keep your gun under your pillow or the location of your apartment?’ Ikenga asked with a patronising tone. ‘Both’, Musa said. Ikenga laughed. You see, my late father, Dike Amadi was a very meticulous man and he had an eye for young talent. He knew that you were going to be one of the best assassins and hence, an invaluable viper. He also feared that should you decide to work against us, we would be faced with a formidable foe; so he had you under surveillance. I know of all your habits and your different apartments. I know about your late wife, Amanda, your daughter, Amy and even Tina, your mistress in Togo’, Ikenga said. Musa’s face immediately contorted with rage as he heard his daughter’s name. ‘If anything happens to any of these people , you’ll be hearing from me’, Musa said. ‘I have no intention of harming a woman or a child. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve got you covered. ‘What do you mean by that?’ Musa asked. ‘When I was told that you betrayed me because of Chike, I made enquiries which confirmed my hunch that he was using your daughter as leverage. The father of your daughter’s boyfriend is on my payroll. Your daughter’s relationship with his son was initiated so that he could be close to her. I will show you photos of Amy, having dinner at his house, if you want proof. I had him eliminate the two men, Chike had, tailing your daughter. Chike no longer has an influence over you.

I came to ask you to come work for me again. If your answer is yes, go over to Chike’s room and shoot him yourself. If no, you can shoot me instead. I’m not armed’, Ikenga said.

The sound of gunshots shattered the tranquility of the night. ‘Move in and ensure that Ikenga is safe’, Charles shouted to his men.


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