Vipers Ep. 29

Chike had noticed the black IVM jeep parked across the street, from the window of his room, as he was preparing to sleep after their drinking episode at the Pavilion. He had felt like checking out the vehicle, but the alcohol kicked in and he was forced to sleep off the effects of the liquor. His sleep was interrupted by the sound of approaching cars. He had observed from his window as two cars parked beside the jeep across the street and eight men alighted from the vehicles with their weapons drawn and started moving towards the apartment. Adrenaline had immediately kicked in, erasing all form of weariness from his body. He had immediately carried his weapon and rushed to Musa’s room to warn him. He had heard Musa discussing with someone as he approached the door and after eavesdropping for sometime, he realized that it was Ikenga trying to win Musa back to his side. After hearing all that Ikenga had said, he knew that it was almost sure that Musa would switch sides. He had considered his options and decided to use the element of surprise to his advantage. He had burst into the room and shot at Ikenga, twice. Ikenga had been caught off guard and so was not able to react quickly. One bullet hit him on his left arm and the other bullet hit his stomach and he fell down. Musa had been momentarily taken aback by the surprise attack but he recovered quickly and shot at Chike as he bolted out of the room. The bullet hit Chike’s right shoulder but it didn’t slow his movements. Musa started to pursue Chike but Ikenga called him back. ‘Leave him. Charles and his men will handle him. Come help me put pressure on my wounds’, Ikenga said in a weakened tone. Musa reluctantly abandoned his pursuit of Chike and went to attend to Ikenga.
‘Boss, what happened?’ Charles asked as he entered the room and saw Ikenga on the floor, supported by Musa. He and his men had been searching the rooms in the apartment, in search of Ikenga. ‘Chike shot him. Make sure Chike doesn’t leave this apartment’, Musa answered for Ikenga who was trying to remain conscious. ‘The boss should get medical attention asap so we don’t lose him’, Charles said. ‘A doctor is already on his way here. Go and join your men. Chike may not be that easy to stop’, Ikenga said. ‘Don’t worry, he won’t escape this time’, Charles said. Before Charles could leave the room, the apartment’s electricity suddenly went out and the apartment was plunged into darkness. ‘Chike has killed the lights. He probably wants to escape, using the darkness as cover’, Charles thought as he tried to adjust his eyes to see in the darkness. They had forgotten to bring their night vision goggles.
After a while, gunshots were heard and the screams of Charles’ men rent the air as they were taken down one after the other. Chike was wearing a night vision goggle while Charles’ men were basically blind in the darkness. Chike also had an increased advantage because he knew the house like the back of his hand.

‘Boss, are you sure that I shouldn’t go and help Charles and his men? I know this house better than anyone. I don’t need a night vision goggle to find Chike and kill him’, Ikenga said. ‘Stay put. Chike will surely die today. If he manages to escape, then you can kill him some other time’, Ikenga said.
Chike watched as Charles pointed his gun, blindly, in random directions, changing positions at the tiniest sounds as if doing a traditional dance. After watching him for sometime, Chike shot him and started moving towards the apartment’s door. He briefly thought of going back to Musa’s room but he decided against it. His chances of coming out of the room alive were very unlikely. He had succeeded so far because just as he had guessed, Ikenga was not going to let Musa leave his side when he was vulnerable.
As Chike stepped outside, the cool air rushed into his lungs and he was glad to have lived to fight another day. ‘I need to get as far away from this country as I can get’, Chike thought. He decided to take Musa’s favorite car, a black Kia Rio. He had taken the keys as he left the apartment. ‘It would serve him right for betraying me. I know how much he loves this car. I can’t wait to tell Isis about what happened tonight’, Chike thought as he entered the car. Immediately he turned the key in the ignition, the car exploded.
The explosion shattered the quietness of the night and even Musa was startled. Ikenga just smiled. ‘I told you that Chike will surely die today, didn’t I? ‘


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