Vipers Ep. 30

Isis was worried. She had not heard from Chike for the past two days. She had wanted to come to Nigeria with him but Chike had refused, saying that he had to first confirm that Nigeria was safe. Their phone conversation had usually been short in order to avoid a trace. Chike had told her that Ikenga was still alive but he was making plans to eliminate him. She had tried calling Chike several times but his number was switched off. ‘I hope nothing bad has happened to my Chike’, she thought.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of her cellphone. ‘Maybe Chike is using a different number to contact me’, she thought as she answered the call.
‘Hello’, she said in a hopeful voice. ‘Hello Isis. This is Ikenga speaking’, Ikenga said. Isis’ worry increased as she realized who her caller was, but she decided to remain calm. ‘What can I do for you? ‘she said. ‘I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime. We could eat dinner together’, Ikenga said. ‘How can you be asking me out. I’m married to your junior brother for Pete’s sake’, Isis said. ‘You may want to correct yourself. You are no longer married. Chike is dead’, Ikenga said. ‘No, that’s a lie’, Isis said. ‘It’s not a lie. If Chike were not dead I wouldn’t be asking you out. I would have shown you his corpse but he was blown to bits by the bomb. Your husband is dead. You have to move on. You can always come to Nigeria and stay with me. I’ll take care of you’, Ikenga said. ‘I have to stay in Egypt and mourn Chike for some days before I do anything else’, Isis said, struggling to maintain her composure. ‘Alright. I’m sorry for making you a widow. You get to be with the better man though, so I guess I may have done you a favor. Don’t mourn for too long. I’ll be waiting for you in Nigeria’, Ikenga said and ended the call.

Ikenga smiled to himself as he dropped his phone on the table at his bedside. He was taking his bedrest recommended by the doctor after his surgery. ‘I always knew that she had feelings for me. She was just trying to hide it because she was married. She’s smart though. She doesn’t mind that I killed her husband. She has probably resigned herself to fate because she knows that she can’t do anything about it. Whatever the reason, it’s a dream come true’, He said to himself. He couldn’t wait for Isis to come to Nigeria.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his door. Musa entered the room and closed the door. ‘You sent for me boss’, Musa said. ‘I did. I think Obi is using Chinedu as bait. He actually expected me to survive the blast. I think he wants me to send you to South Africa to kill Chinedu. He has probably laid an ambush for you there’, Obi said. Musa smiled. It seems like he wants his men dead. Let me go to Egypt and show them that whoever tries to ambush me, is committing suicide’, Musa said. ‘No need for that. I want you close to me. Obi may have more tricks up his sleeve. I’ll send Cholo to South Africa. Obi has eluded him twice already. As they say, ‘the third time’s a charmer.

Isis burst into tears immediately she ended the call. She had managed to hold in the waterfalls throughout her conversation with Ikenga. She cried uncontrollably for a long while.
‘Oh my love. Why did you have to leave me? How am I supposed to live without my Chike?’ she wailed. ‘Ikenga has ruined my life. The bastard even has the guts to ask me out after murdering my husband. He is going to pay for this with his life, even if it’s the last thing I do on earth’, she said to herself as she started dialing a number.


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  1. I finally read one episode. Honestly, it was short & too familiar. Personally, I wish the setting was somewhere exotic like Europe or Asia in the future. The plot more science fiction (bitcoin, autonomous electric cars) or weird superpowers with a strong emotional pull. Like mind-bending & captivating, e.g., Game of Thrones or American Gods Just my thoughts, good work though. Lmao. I just remembered Banigo he was good at mind-bending stories lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The goal was to use familiar stuff.
      You have to sha follow it from the beginning to get the whole picture though…..Will try something unfamiliar next. #bigups


      1. True, I’ve got to start from the beginning to really understand. I don’t know what is at stake for the characters.


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