The Author (Episode 1)

Dear Professor Stan,
It is with great gusto and unspeakable euphoria that I write to you this day.
As it is written in the Holy Book: ‘To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die’. I’m happy to inform you that it is your time to die.
I want to appreciate you for giving me the honor of being your murderer. It has always been my earnest desire to end your life.
Thank you once again for granting my wish. RIP in advance.

Yours truly,
The Author.

‘It’s not even first of April yet and someone is already playing pranks’, Professor Stan said to himself, after reading the email. ‘I suspect that this was sent by one useless student in a bid to scare me. Too bad though. It won’t change anything. In fact, because of this, I’ll deduct ten marks from every Quantum Chemistry student. The more people that fail, the better’, he thought. He was not a man to be threatened.
Professor Stanford Okoro had first come to the University of Nigeria as an undergraduate in the Industrial Chemistry department. He had continued his postgraduate studies in the department and had attained his Masters degree and PhD in record timing. He also went on to become a professor. Professor Stan was a former dean of the Faculty of Physical Sciences. He was a man of great political influence in his department and in the University of Nigeria as a whole. He was in his late fifties, heavily built and dark in complexion.

‘Honey, you’re not dressed yet. You’re going to be late for your lunch with the Deputy Governor. What is so important that you are staring at your phone instead of dressing up?’ his wife asked. Mrs Sharon Okoro was a PhD holder in Chemistry. She had been her husband’s student as an undergraduate in the University of Nigeria. Her beauty had struck Stan like lightning, the first day he set eyes on her, when she came late to his class. Their romance had started out as a cliche lecturer-student romance that had helped Sharon obtain high grades, but they shocked many people when they tied the nuptial knot. Her relationship with Stan ensured that she had an easy climb up the academic ladder. She was a loyal wife who was always very supportive of her husband’s endeavours.

Stan showed her the email from the author. ‘Some people just don’t make good use of their senses. Instead of making out time to study Quantum Chemistry, some people are wasting time, trying to scare me. I don’t blame them. They don’t know that I’ve come a long way in this university. Even as an undergraduate, I was the top hatchet man for the most feared cult group then, The Lions. I still graduated with First Class honours despite my nefarious activities. As a lecturer, I have failed everyone that does poorly without sentiment.  I’ve failed cultists that were much more dangerous than what is obtainable now’, he boasted. ‘Don’t mind the riffraffs. They were probably tired of going to the lawn tennis court to kill you with prayers, so they decided to use a new style. Please forget them and dress up, so you won’t be late. Your driver is here already’, Sharon said. ‘Don’t worry. Nsukka to Enugu is not too far. I’ll get there in time. Besides, Kayode is my good friend. He won’t mind if I’m late’, Stan said. ‘Friend or not, it doesn’t matter. I want you to impress him so that we can benefit from the next round of political appointments’, Sharon said. ‘That’s a valid point. Woman, you really do have a good head on your shoulder, in addition to your beauty’, Stan said, causing Sharon to smile sheepishly.

The Author watched from the window of his tinted IVM jeep parked across the street, as Professor Stan kissed his wife goodbye. ‘Good thing he said a proper goodbye to her. It is said that revenge is a dish best served cold. He will definitely feel the cold hands of death. It would have been a shame if his wife was traveling with him. I would hate to waste such a beauty. I’ve been patient enough. I’ve waited for thirty years to get my revenge. I have written to Stan as the Author. It is now time to finish him off. ‘I am after all the Author and Finisher’, He said to himself as he watched Stan’s car zoom off.


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