The Author (episode 3)

‘Please, I’m begging you. Don’t harm my son’, The Author’s mother pleaded with tears in her eyes. The Author’s father was on his knees. ‘How much does he owe you? I’m willing to pay it all, even if it means selling this house’, he said with a voice filled with emotion. The Author just stood there watching. His ten-year old brain was yet to grasp the severity of the situation. His senior brother, Obi was lying on the floor with his hands and feet bound. He was covered in blood and barely conscious. Six young men were standing over him. One of them had a pistol pointed at him.
‘Obi made the mistake of crossing the deadliest cult in the University of Nigeria; the Lions. He’ll have to pay with his life’, Stan said. ‘Please don’t do this’, the Author’s mother cried in a louder voice. ‘Shut up, old woman!! The best you can do is to pray for your son’s soul. Hopefully, in his next life, he’ll be wise enough to break up with his girlfriend, if our Supreme Leader wants her’, Frank said. ‘Please, he won’t go near her again. I swear on his behalf that he’s single from this moment. Your leader can have her, just spare my son’s life’, the Author’s father entreated the men. ‘It’s too late for that. His girlfriend said that Obi is more of a man than our Supreme leader can ever be. Obi’s fate has been decided already ‘, the man holding the pistol said and shot Obi twice. ‘Noooooo!!’ The Author’s mother screamed and fainted.

The Author awoke with a start. He was sweating profusely. ‘Babe, it’s just a nightmare. Try to relax’, Lilian said. It was three am. They were lying on the king-sized bed in the master bedroom of the Author’s apartment. ‘It’s the same nightmare I’ve been having since my tenth birthday. A constant reminder of how those cowards killed my senior brother in front of the whole family. I like it though. It helps me to always remember that I have some scores to settle’, The Author said. ‘Just know that I’m here to help you. Whatever you need me to do, just let me know’, Lilian said. ‘That’s so sweet. Thanks for helping me with Stan’s murder’, The Author said. ‘It was my pleasure’, Lilian replied.
‘I don’t think that you should send an email to Frank. He’ll take it seriously and beef up his security. I suggest that we take him by surprise’, Lilian said. ‘Don’t be a buzzkill. There’s no fun in taking him by surprise. I won’t be the Author, if I don’t write to him first. Don’t worry, I have a foolproof plan for the operation’, The Author said. ‘I trust your judgement. You always get the job done’, Lilian said.
The Author brought out a picture from under his pillow and they both looked at it. ‘Everyone in this picture belonged to the Lions cult that year. They are the ones that killed my senior brother because of a girl. I’m going to eliminate them, one after the other’, the Author said. ‘That sounds like a lot of killings. Count me in’, Lilian said. The Author smiled at her.

‘You can get back to sleep now. I wouldn’t be able to sleep again. Let me use this time to compose an email for Frank’, He said and left the room.

‘It’s probably going to get more difficult with each kill but I’ll try my best to avenge my brother’, The Author thought. He didn’t mind dying in the process. It was the path that he had chosen. He began to compose the email.
‘Dear Senator Frank……….


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