The Author (Episode 4)

Dear Senator Franklin,
It is with great gusto and unspeakable euphoria that I write to you this day.
I want to use this medium to thank you, on behalf of the people in Enugu Central constituency for your long term service in the Senate.
You’ve been a senator for over sixteen years. I strongly believe that with your level of experience, you’ll also be able to represent your constituency, even in the afterlife. For this reason, I’m sending you to join your ancestors as the dead people in your constituency need a good senator to represent them over there.
I want to appreciate you for giving me the honor of being your murderer. It has always been my earnest desire to end your life.
Thank you once again for granting my wish. RIP in advance.

Yours truly,
The Author.

Senator Franklin was not a stranger to death threats but he had a gut feeling that something about this particular threat was different. He trusted his instincts. They had saved him countless times.
Senator Franklin Akpan was one of the longest serving senators in Nigeria. He was raised by his single mother who gave her all to her petty trading business to ensure that her son was educated up to the University level.

Despite his poor background, Franklin turned out to be an intelligent and handsome young man. His charisma and popularity, especially with the ladies helped his political career in the University of Nigeria. His membership in the Lions cult also played a major role in boosting his political influence. He was elected as the president of the Faculty of Social Science Students in his three hundred level. He went ahead to become the SUG (Student Union Government) president, the next year. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree honors in political science, he joined full-time politics and was elected into the Enugu State house of assembly. He spent four years in the State house of assembly before contesting and winning the senatorial election for the Enugu central constituency.
Franklin preferred the Senate because there was no retirement or limit to the number of tenures. He intended to stay as long as possible, in the Senate.

Even in his late fifties, Franklin still exercised regularly and kept fit, much to the delight of his wife, Nonye and his other numerous mistresses. His wife and two sons were based in Enugu while he stayed majorly in Abuja. He had told his wife that he had planned it that way so that voters will think that it was because of his love for his constituency but deep down, he knew that it was because he just wanted his wife to be far away from him so he could entertain his numerous mistresses whenever he wanted.

Senator Franklin decided not to take chances with his security. He forwarded the email to the inspector general of police. He also sent another email to the inspector general, asking for his security to be beefed up.

Senator Franklin couldn’t concentrate at work any longer. The email was actually bothering him much more than he was willing to acknowledge. It was the first thing he had read when he got to his tastefully furnished Abuja office that morning.
‘No point staying here. I wouldn’t get any meaningful work done with my mind elsewhere. Let me go and see the inspector general of police right away. I may even stop at Nina’s place on my way home. Her beauty is enough to change my mood to a pleasant one’, he thought. He left a few instructions with one of his aides and sent for his driver to come and take him to the inspector general’s office.

The Author smiled as he saw senator Franklin and his driver walking towards the car park. He was dressed in a security guard outfit and they didn’t give him a second glance as their paths crossed.
The Author doubled his pace as he left the car park. He knew that he needed to be at a safe distance from the park before senator Franklin and his driver got to their car. ‘My supplier told me that the bomb has a small area of impact, but it’s better to be safe than sorry though’, he thought.

As soon as Senator Franklin’s driver turned the car key in the ignition, the car exploded and it was blown to bits.

The Author smiled as he joined the other National Assembly staff running helter skelter. ‘Another one down. More to go’, he thought.



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  1. This needs to be a real film story bro. how do you see it?

    though it has to be more furnished than this and not just about a killing spree…

    one revenge that I carefully structured can be a whole film.

    please let me know your thoughts on this and if you are willing to write the script.

    All the same man, it’s quite captivating!

    Liked by 1 person

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