The Author (Episode 5)

A distraught Mrs Sharon, wearing a black mourning gown, had come to the Enugu State Police Command at New Haven and she was immediately ushered into the conservatively furnished office of Inspector Chigozie, the Enugu Assistant Inspector General of Police.
Inspector Chigozie Okereke was arguably the most disciplined officer in the Nigerian police force. His lean six feet four frame was complimented by a handsome face. His dark complexion helped to hide most of the numerous scars he had gotten in the course of his duty. He was a nightmare to his lazy subordinates as he demanded a hundred percent from all his men.

‘Good morning madam. I heard about your husband. Please accept my condolences’, Chigozie said as soon as Sharon entered the office. ‘Thank you. I don’t need the sympathy of the police. I just want them to catch the bastard that took my husband away from me’, Sharon said. ‘Madam, from the report I received, your husband was involved in a ghastly car accident and he died in the hospital afterwards. What makes you think that he was murdered?’ Chigozie asked. ‘It is because he received a death threat that morning from a certain ‘Author’, Sharon said. ‘He received a death threat from who?’ Chigozie asked. ‘The Author’. That’s what the person called himself’, Sharon said. ‘Or herself’, Chigozie thought. He didn’t bother to correct her though. ‘She is still clearly traumatized by her husband’s death’, Chigozie thought.Β ‘I’m sorry madam, but for your husband’s accident to be treated as homicide, we need to have a proof of foul play’, Chigozie said. ‘There was foul play involved. The Author must have used his juju to cause my husband to have an accident’, She said. Chigozie sighed in exasperation. He had been in the police force long enough to know that people usually said the dumbest things in grief but his patience was beginning to wear thin. ‘Your husband had an accident because his driver ran a red light. Besides, we can’t conduct an investigation based on alleged use of juju’, he said. ‘I’ve never known Tunde to disobey traffic rules. What of the death threat? Is it not a good reason to suspect foul play?’ she asked. ‘I’ll have my men look into the death threat. As a personal favor, I’ll also have my men check for any abnormalities in your husband’s car. Don’t get your hopes up though. There’s a very slim chance that we’ll find any logical proof of foul play. Accidents happen and people die. Your husband may have just been unlucky on that day’, Chigozie said. ‘Thank you for agreeing to help with this. I know that justice will prevail’, Sharon said. She then left the office.

‘This will probably be a waste of time and personnel. I’ll have Tom and Jerry check it out though, so I’d satisfy my conscience’, Chigozie thought. He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

Senator Franklin was still finding it difficult to compose himself as he sat in front of the Inspector General of Police.Β ‘Are you sure you can talk now or do you want to come back later?’ Inspector David asked. ‘I want to speak now. My life may depend on it’, Franklin said, finally finding his voice. ‘What do you mean? ‘ David asked. ‘That threat from the Author that I forwarded to you is a very serious threat. I was lucky to escape with my life today. The bomb that exploded at the senators’ car park was in my car. If not that I went back at the last minute to relieve myself, I would have been blown to pieces like my driver. You have to find that ‘Author’ and lock him up before he makes another attempt on my life’, Franklin said. ‘Don’t worry. I’ll ensure that you’re safe. The Author’s days as a free criminal are numbered. I’ll send my best men to look for him. I’ll also have two of my best men join your security detail. I have you covered’, David said. ‘Thanks a lot. I won’t forget this’, Franklin said. ‘You better don’t. One can never tell when one will need a political favor’, David thought.

‘The Author may seem smart but like all criminals, he’ll make a mistake and I’ll be waiting to capitalize on his mistake’, David said to himself.


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