The Author (Episode 6)

Detective Thomas Asuquo and Detective Jeremiah Obi had the best partnership in the Enugu State Criminal Investigative Department.
Tom and Jerry as they were popularly called in the State CID, were two men that were very much opposites of each other in almost every way.
Whilst Tom was very tall (about six foot two), dark in complexion and slim, Jerry was a foot shorter than Tom, fair in complexion and heavily built.
Tom had grown up in the streets, moving from one orphanage to another as he had been dumped by his mother when he was a baby. He had been fiercely determined to go to school whether he had sponsorship or not. His primary schooling was sponsored by the orphanage. He sponsored his secondary schooling by doing menial jobs. He went to University on scholarship and joined the police after then.
Jerry on the other hand, was born with a silver spoon. He had it very easy growing up as he was a crowned Prince of his village. He had joined the police force because he wanted to serve Nigeria and contribute his quota in reducing the crime rate in the country.
Owing to their various differences, they disagreed on almost every matter when they were first made to work together.
However, the Area Commander had paid a deaf ear to their requests to work separately. He knew that despite their numerous differences, Tom and Jerry had one thing in common; They always gave their job, a hundred percent commitment. He felt that with their commitment, their partnership was going to record a high rate of success. His gamble paid off in the years that followed as Tom and Jerry established a reputation of being able to find a needle in a haystack.

‘Inspector Chigozie said that there’s probably nothing in this case. I can see why he said that. Accidents happen all the time and people sometimes die as a result’, Tom said. The two men were seated in Tom’s office at the Police station. Tom was dressed in cooperate attire. He wore a white shirt and black trousers. He also wore a tie. Jerry was dressed in his favorite traditional attire. The two men were going over the case file for Professor Stan.
‘I agree with you, but this Author sounds creepy. The Author may actually be mentally ill. I think we should find the person behind this email’, Jerry said. ‘Let us first find out if there was any form of foul play that caused Prof Stan’s accident. Chigozie said that the Deputy governor is very much interested in this case’, Tom said. ‘In that case, let’s go take a look at Stan’s vehicle. We could see something that would give us a clue as to what really happened’, Jerry said and both men left the office.

Tom and Jerry arrived at the Enugu State Police garage and they were taken to Stan’s wrecked car by one of the mechanics. They checked out the car as best as they could, searching for drugs, alcohol or any substance that could have caused the driver to drive recklessly.

Seeing none, they left the car and started to walk away. Jerry suddenly stopped in his tracks. ‘I think we’re forgetting something. The brakes’, he said. ‘That’s true. Let’s ask the mechanic to check it out’, Tom said. They called the mechanic and returned to the car with him. The mechanic then checked the brakes for any damage. ‘You’re right Sir. Someone cut the brake lines of this car’, the mechanic. ‘Thank you. I believe we’re done here. We’ll come back later if we still need to make any further analysis ‘, Tom said and the two detectives walked back to their car.
‘That’s the evidence we needed. The Author must have been the one behind the accident’, Jerry said as they approached their car. ‘That’s true. One thing that has been bugging my mind is the hospital’s report. It said that Professor Stan had been stabilized and he was responding well to treatment but he surprisingly died in his sleep that night. If truly his accident was orchestrated by the Author, it’s very possible that the job was finished by the Author at the hospital’, Tom said. ‘Something is just not adding up about that hospital report. Let’s go and talk to someone there. Our killer will be among those in the hospital that night’, Jerry said. ‘That’s right. The Author was foolish enough to send emails. We can have the mails traced and then cross-reference it with the addresses of everyone that was in the hospital that night’, Tom said. ‘That’ll surely nail the lunatic. Let’s first make our report to Chigozie at the station’, Jerry said and they drove to the police Station.


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