The Author (Episode 8)

Detectives Tom and Jerry arrived at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital by twenty minutes past seven am, in an IVM jeep. The official car was one of the perks that came with being a senior detective in the State Criminal Investigative Department.
Both men were dressed in casual attire. Tom wore a red T-shirt and blue jeans while Jerry wore a black T-shirt and blue jeans. Both men wore black trainers.

‘Good morning Ma. We would like to see Dr Lilian’, Tom said to the nurse sitting at the front desk. ‘Is she expecting you?’ the nurse asked. ‘Not really. We’re detectives from the state CID and we would like to ask her a few questions’, Jerry said and both men showed her their ID cards. ‘I still can’t help you. Dr Lilian is not available. She’s on leave’, the nurse said.
Tom cursed under his breath. ‘She has probably made a run for it already’, He thought. ‘Do you have her house address?’ Jerry asked. ‘I do, but I don’t think that I can give it to you without her consent’, the nurse said. ‘Why can’t you give us her address?’ Tom asked. ‘We are not allowed to divulge the personal information of any hospital staff. I would need to call Dr Lilian and find out if I should give you her address or not’, the nurse said. ‘Listen carefully. Dr Lilian is connected to a murder case that we’re currently investigating. If you refuse to help us, or you call her and she makes a run for it, you’ll leave us no choice but to charge you with obstruction of a homicide investigation’, Jerry said.
Hearing this, the nurse immediately copied Dr Lilian’s address from the hospital directory and gave it to the detectives. ‘Thank you. That was very smart of you’, Tom said and both men hurriedly walked to their jeep and Jerry sped off to the address.

It didn’t look like there was any sign of life at number twenty Boulevard. ‘She has probably left town as I expected. Let’s just check the house for anything that can help our investigation though. We could get lucky’, Tom said.
They pressed the buzzer and even knocked after a while but there was no response. Tom picked the lock and both men entered the house. They started checking the extravagantly furnished rooms for anything incriminating.
Jerry entered the master bedroom and saw a laptop on the bed. ‘The mail was probably sent from this laptop. I’ll take it to the tech guys and have them check it out’, he thought. As he walked towards the bed, Dr Lilian materialised behind him, wielding a pestle and before he could react, she hit him with the pestle and knocked him out. ‘One down’, she thought as she watched Jerry’s limp form with a smile on her face.
Her joy was short-lived though. As soon as she turned around, Tom punched her face. She had not heard him enter the room. Lilian screamed in pain and shock. She fell to the ground, clutching her face. Tom immediately handcuffed her.
‘Dr Lilian, you’re under arrest for the murder of Professor Stan. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in the court of law. You also have right to an attorney’, Tom said.
Dr Lilian was a smart woman who could think on her feet. ‘These detectives don’t know who they’re dealing with. They are going to end up making a fool of themselves’, She thought.

‘Sir, my men have traced the email to an address in Enugu State. I’ll ask the Assistant Inspector General of police for Enugu state to handle the case’, David said to Senator Franklin. The two men were seated in David’s moderately furnished house in Abuja. The senator was casually dressed in T-shirt and jeans. He also wore a black baseball cap so he wouldn’t be recognized in public. David was wearing his police uniform.
‘No. I want you to handle this case personally. I’ll sponsor the operation, no matter what it costs’, Franklin said.
David smiled inwardly. It was exactly what he wanted to hear. ‘Thanks to the Author, I get to milk Franklin of a lot of money. My men will surely arrest the Author using his address. It’ll be a stress-free money for me’, David thought. ‘There’s no problem. I’ll handle the case as you have asked’, he said to Franklin.


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