The Author (Episode 9)

‘I’m surely going to sue you guys for this. The Nigerian Police is going to pay me damages to the tune of fifteen million naira’, Dr Lilian said.
Tom had made her sit down. He was waiting for his partner, Jerry to come to. ‘Trust me, you would be too busy fighting the criminal charge against you that you won’t have time to sue us for damages’, Tom said. ‘What criminal charge? I didn’t commit any crime’, Lilian said. ‘Did you think that the police wouldn’t find out that you murdered Prof Stan at St Mary’s hospital?’ Tom asked. ‘I didn’t kill anyone. I don’t even work at St Mary’s. How on earth would I have had access to one of their patients?’ she asked. ‘You had access to the patient. The hospital’s records show that on the night of first February, you brought in a patient and insisted on treating him yourself, even when there was a doctor on call. You did that because you wanted to gain entry into their ER where Prof Stan was staying. It was all part of your plan to murder him’, Tom said. ‘That’s just preposterous. How can you people come to such an absurd conclusion? I am a doctor. I save lives. I don’t kill people’, Lilian said.
Jerry had regained his consciousness at this point. Both men had an incredulous smile on their faces.
‘Your lying to us will only compound your problems’, Jerry said.
On hearing this, Lilian started crying.
‘She’s finally ready to talk’, Tom thought. ‘Are you ready to tell us what really happened that night?’ he asked. Lilian started talking in between sobs.
‘I now understand why most foreign trained doctors refuse to come back to Nigeria to practice. I was going to my boyfriend’s house that night when I saw a man staggering by the road side. He was in a very bad shape so I decided to play good Samaritan and take him to the nearest hospital. I now realize that I should have just minded my business. If I hadn’t stopped then, you wouldn’t be here to arrest me’, Lilian said. ‘I understand your trying to help an injured man. What I don’t understand is why you insisted on treating him yourself’, Jerry said. ‘I know how pissed, doctors on night shifts get, when they are woken up because of a patient, so I decided to treat him myself. Besides, I didn’t have money to pay the man’s medical bill at that time’, Lilian said. ‘If you were in the ER, you must have seen someone else enter and kill Prof Stan’, Tom said. ‘I didn’t see anyone. Please, I don’t want to talk about that night anymore. My boyfriend broke up with me because of that patient. My treating him made me very late to our date and my boyfriend said that he had had enough of my placing my career before him’, Lilian said. ‘We’re sorry to hear that ma, but we must do our job’, Jerry said. ‘That reminds me, why did you give Doctor Allison a wrong number? Is it not because you didn’t want to be tracked down when the police starts to look into the murder?’ Tom asked.  ‘Doctor Allison was hitting on me. I knew that if I gave him my number, he wouldn’t stop calling. My boyfriend is a very jealous person’, Lilian said. ‘How then, do you explain hitting me with a pestle?’ Jerry asked. ‘I was just leaving the bathroom when I heard both of you breaking into my house. I was only defending myself. Officers, I don’t want any trouble. My life is already messed up as it is. I’m not pressing any charges. Just let me be’, Lilian said.

Tom and Jerry left Lilian’s house with their tails in between their legs. ‘We really messed up big time’, Tom said as they drove off.


‘Sir, we have located number sixteen Love Avenue. Do we proceed?’ Mike asked. He was the leader of the sixteen-man team sent by the Inspector General of police to arrest the Author. The group were in two ice cream vans parked across the street. They consisted of the best men from the Police, Special Forces and the Secret Service. They were all armed to the teeth and waiting to move.
‘Proceed’, David said.
‘We are a go. I repeat; we are a go’, Mike spoke into the radio and simultaneously, ten of the men rushed to the front building led by Mike. The rest went to the back. Mike and his men immediately burst into the house.
‘Don’t move!!’ he shouted as they entered the room.
There were a lot of people in the room. They were all sitting in front of different computers. Most of them were shaking in fear and one man had already wet his trousers. Mike stopped short. The place didn’t feel right. He went out of the building and saw a signboard. He swore loudly when he read the signboard.

‘Abort mission. I repeat; abort mission. It is a cybercafe. Let’s move out’, he said and the men left the building.


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