The Author (Episode 11)

Mrs Sharon’s face lit up when Detectives Tom and Jerry introduced themselves. Sharon was looking disheveled as she had stopped bothering about her looks after her husband’s death. Her beauty was still pronounced though because she was naturally a looker.
‘Have you people finally apprehended my husband’s murderer?’ she asked in a voice laden with expectation. ‘I’m sorry to disappoint you but we’ve not made much progress yet’, Tom said.
On hearing this, Sharon’s hopeful look immediately changed to a look of disappointment. ‘We’re confident that we’ll find him though. We’re following up on some promising leads’, Jerry quickly added. He had observed her rapid change in countenance.
‘How then can I help you? I told your boss all that I could remember’, Sharon said. ‘We know that. We just want to collect your husband’s phone. We learnt that you were given his personal effects’, Tom said. ‘I wasn’t given his phone. The police said that they were unable to find Stan’s phone and wallet at the scene. They must have been stolen by a passerby’, Sharon said. ‘That is bad. What of his laptop? We need to trace the email sent to him by the Author’, Tom said. ‘His laptop is here. I don’t know his email’s password though’, Sharon said. ‘Don’t worry, our tech guys will handle it. Thanks for your cooperation’, Jerry said. ‘Just find my husband’s killer. That’s all I want’, Sharon said as she gave Stan’s laptop to Tom. ‘We’ll do our best’, Tom said and the two detectives left the house.               ‘At least, we have something tangible to report to Joseph’, Jerry said as they entered Tom’s car and sped off to the Police Station.

‘I really need to isolate Senator Franklin from his bodyguards, David and the sixteen special agents. Killing Frank here will just be committing suicide’, the Author thought. A thought then crossed his mind and he grinned. He had an idea. ‘Well, the third time’s a charmer. This plan would surely work’, he said to himself. He then left the hotel bar. It was time to put the plan into action.

Senator Franklin was preparing to go to bed when his phone rang. It was a private number. ‘Your wife is cheating on you and I can prove it’, a voice said, when he answered the phone. ‘Who is this?’ Frank asked. ‘I can’t tell you. I’ll send you the proof shortly’, the voice said and ended the call. Frank hissed. ‘People and their childish pranks. ‘It’s probably a wrong number’, he said to himself. The vibration of his phone interrupted his thoughts. He had two multimedia messages. They were pictures of his wife kissing another man at a restaurant. Frank was immediately filled with a murderous rage. A part of him knew that his anger was hypocritical as he was also guilty of cheating on his wife countless times. ‘It doesn’t matter if I’ve cheated on her before. I’m the man here. I paid her brideprice’, he argued with his conscience. ‘I’m going to deal with Nonye and that idiot with her’, he said out loud.  His phone rang again. ‘Have you seen the pictures?’ the voice asked. ‘Yes. How can I be sure that those pictures were not doctored?’ Frank asked. ‘It’s easy. Both of them are currently at the man’s house. I can give you the address so you can catch them red-handed. It’ll come at a price though’, the voice said. ‘How much do you want?’ Frank asked. ‘Half a million. I’ll meet you outside the house after you’ve caught them. You can pay me then’, the voice said. ‘That’s okay by me. Send the address’, Frank said and ended the call.
‘This person is dumb. Does he not know that I can refuse to pay him after I’ve caught Nonye in the act. I could even decide to pay him less than the agreed amount. It’s not my problem though’, he thought.
Frank immediately contacted his driver and bodyguards. He left the hotel with his driver and two of his bodyguards. Frank gave the driver the address that the stranger sent to him and ordered him to get there as fast as possible.

‘Of all the people to cheat on me with, it’s a man that lives in a rural area. She couldn’t even choose a man from the elite class’, Frank thought bitterly as they approached Freedom Street in Enugu Ezike.

‘That’s number sixteen. Park across the street and wait for me. Don’t come into the house until I call you’, Frank said to his men when they got to the address. He wanted to catch Nonye red-handed but he was not about to allow his men to see his wife in a compromised state.

He turned the door knob of the poorly painted house and the door opened, much to his delight. He didn’t want anyone to hear him. The house was poorly lit and he could hear high-pitched moans of ecstasy coming from a room at the left. He immediately dashed to the room door and burst into the room. The moaning stopped. A woman was sitting on the bed with her back to the door. She turned and smiled at Frank. She wasn’t his wife. Frank was shocked. He had been played. He was still trying to get over his shock when he heard a voice behind him.
‘Welcome Senator Franklin. I’ve been expecting you’, the Author said.


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