The Author (Episode 12)

‘This just confirms the theory that people in love don’t use their common sense. A stranger sends you a picture of your wife with another man and you jump out of the bed and start traveling to a remote area with little or no police presence. You didn’t even stop to think that you could be walking into a trap. You even entered a strange house without your security guards. Love is truly blind. Your sense of reasoning has been blinded by love’, the Author said. The woman sitting on the bed, got up and left the room.
‘I don’t think you brought me here to advise me on how to reason. Go straight to the point. Just remember that I’m a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. There will surely be dire consequences for kidnapping me’, Frank said. He was trying to sound arrogant in a bid to hide his fear. ‘You are gravely mistaken. This is not a kidnap. This is an assassination’, the Author said. ‘I have three highly trained men outside. They are heavily armed and they’d call for backup if necessary. You’ll never get away with killing me so I suggest that you leave now while you still can’, Frank said. ‘You still don’t get it, do you? I’m the Author. Get ready to meet your ancestors’, the Author said.
On hearing this, a look of terror crossed Frank’s face. ‘Who are you really? Why are you hellbent on killing me? I don’t even think that we have had any dealings together’, Frank said.Β ‘I’ll refresh your memory. Thirty years ago when you were an undergraduate of the University of Nigeria, you and five members of the Lions Cult killed a fellow student, Obi in the presence of his parents and his ten-year old brother. I am here to avenge my brother’s death’, the Author said. ‘Please don’t kill me. Killing me will not bring your elder brother back to life. Please forgive my youthful indiscretion. How much do I pay you to make this go away?’ Frank asked.
The Author brought out his Maxim 9 pistol and pointed it at Frank. ‘This debt can only be repaid with your life. Don’t worry, this pistol has a built-in silencer. Your men won’t hear a thing. I would be long gone by the time they’ll come to look for you’, the Author said. ‘That’s where you have it wrong. I just pressed the panic button on my phone. My men are already coming here. I suggest that you leave now while you still have the chance’, Frank said. ‘You’re lying. Let me ask my friend outside’, the Author said. He brought out a radio and tried to contact Lilian. ‘Lilian, check in’, the Author said. ‘I’m still in position. Frank’s men just left the car. They’re moving towards the house’, Lilian said.
The Author swore loudly. ‘You may have escaped this but I intend to find you later’, he said. ‘Not if I find you first’, Frank replied. The Author hurriedly left the house through a backdoor and disappeared into the darkness.

‘Senator Franklin can you hear me?’ one of Frank’s men called as they entered the house. ‘I’m right here’, Frank answered and the men went to meet him. ‘What happened?’ one of the men asked. It was the Author. He escaped through the back door when he heard that you guys were coming for me’, Frank said. ‘Let’s go after him and take him out once and for all’, the man said. ‘No need for that, Tony. He knows this place better than you do and he has friends around. Let’s get out of here. I now know who he is and what he looks like. Finding him will be a piece of cake’, Frank said. ‘Alright, let’s move towards the car with the Senator at the centre. Stay alert, so we don’t get caught off-guard’, Tony said.
The men moved hurriedly towards their car. They entered the car and zoomed off. They had barely travelled a distance of two hundred metres when their vehicle exploded.

The Author and Lilian watched as the vehicle exploded in the distance. ‘Good job dear. I didn’t think that you’ll be able to plant the bomb in such a short time. I’m impressed’, the Author said. ‘It’s my pleasure. I must confess, I had my doubts about the plan but it was worth it in the end’, Lilian replied. The Author smiled. ‘Trust me, there is more to come. Frank is history. Adebayor is next’, he said.


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