The Author (Episode 13)

Dear Adebayo,
It is with great gusto and unspeakable euphoria that I write to you this day.
As it is written in the Holy Book: ‘To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die’. I’m happy to inform you that it is your time to die.
Your stage performances have been so out of this world. For this reason, I’m sending you to the world beyond so that you can wow them too.
I want to appreciate you for giving me the honor of being your murderer. It has always been my earnest desire to end your life.
Thank you once again for granting my wish. RIP in advance.

Yours murderly,
The Author.

Adebayo smiled after reading the email. ‘Why are you smiling at your phone? Who is she?’ Juliet asked in a voice laden with jealousy. They were both lying down on the large bed in Adebayo’s suite.
‘Calm down. It’s not what you think’, Adebayo said in an exasperated tone. Juliet was his latest conquest in a long line of women. He had gone for her because she was a looker and she had a body made for sin. Despite her looks, he was beginning to regret going for her because she had become very possessive after a week. He had decided to break up their relationship after his next show because he felt that Juliet was suffocating him.
‘What is it then?’ Juliet asked. Adebayo showed her the email from the Author.

‘Someone had the guts to threaten me. Someone had the guts to threaten Bayo the Loco’, Adebayo said beating his chest as he spoke. ‘Just ignore this. It’s clearly the handiwork of a lunatic’, Juliet said. ‘I don’t think it’s madness. I think, this Author was just very high. I would ask him for his supplier. Nowadays, my dope doesn’t make me as high as before’, Bayo said. Juliet chuckled. ‘It’s probably the handiwork of one of your haters. Don’t mind them they’re just jealous of your success’, she said.
Bayo just nodded. He was relatively, a successful artiste.

Adebayo Olaniyi was the only child of his parents. His mother and father had been hip-hop artists so it wasn’t a surprise that Bayo ventured into hip-hop music when he was still in the University of Nigeria. He had a handsome face complemented by a well built, five foot six frame.

‘Bayo the Loco’, as his fans called him, had one of the best stage performances in Nigeria. His songs were not exceptional. They were just like that of other artistes.
However, his good looks and high energy level made him one of the most loved hip-hop artistes in Nigeria. He was also an accomplished stage-diver. Bayo always ended his performance by diving off the stage and into the crowd. This usually made the work of his security detail, more difficult as they always had to pull him out of the crowd after his performance. When Bayo started his music career, stage-diving was rare in Nigeria. Few artistes who had tried it, had ended up sustaining injuries as the crowd had refused to catch them. The first time Bayo had tried to stage-dive, no one caught him. He had broken his arm. It didn’t stop him from stage-diving in his next performances though. After three stage-diving fails, he started stage-diving successfully. It became one of the highlights of his performance down the years.
Bayo was a chronic womanizer. Women found it difficult to resist his charm. He had five children from five different women. Although, this was public knowledge, he still managed to get a new conquest in any City he traveled to.
He always used hard drugs before his performances so that he could increase his hyperactivity.

Bayo had only one worry. Age was no longer on his side. He worried that in a few years time, he wouldn’t have the strength for his stage performances which was his distinguishing quality. He didn’t have much savings because he had been wasteful with his spending. ‘I’ll take it one show at a time. No point worrying about the future. Let me prepare for my performance at the Galaxy Night tomorrow. I want it to be the most talked-about performance of the night’, he said to himself.

‘Lilian, we’re going to the Galaxy night tomorrow’, The Author said. They were both lying down on the large bed in their suite. ‘Are we going on a date or for Bayo’s murder?’ Lilian asked. The Author smiled. ‘It’s called using a stone to kill two birds’, he said.


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