The Author (Episode 14)

‘Sir, we were able to trace the email sent to Prof Stan’, Tom said. ‘The email was sent from number sixteen Love Avenue. I suggest that we raid the place as soon as possible’, Jerry said. ‘Don’t bother. The place is a cybercafe’, Chigozie said. The three men were seated in Chigozie’s office. They were all dressed in corporate office attire. The Assistant Inspector General was going over Tom and Jerry’s report.
‘How did you find out about the place, Sir?’ Tom asked. ‘It turned out that Prof Stan was not the only one threatened by the Author. He had also threatened Senator Franklin. The Inspector General of police had sanctioned a covert mission to round up the Author after the email was traced to that address. The men went to the address and discovered that it was a cybercafe’, Chigozie said. ‘I guess that means we have gotten to another dead end’, Jerry said. ‘From your report and that of the Inspector general, we can postulate that the Author is a student of the University of Nigeria that blames his professor for his poor grades and also blames the senator for the situation of the economy’, Tom said. ‘That would be making a lot of assumptions. Stay on the case and inform me when you have any new leads’, Chigozie said. ‘We will, Sir’, both men chorused and left the office.

The Galaxy night was usually a star-studded event as it featured performances by the best Nigerian musicians in all genres of music. It also featured performances by the best comedians in the country. The show was hosted by Galaxy Hotel located at the heart of Port Harcourt City. The hotel’s large auditorium was used for the show and the performers were lodged in the hotel’s rooms.

Bayo was not bothered about the Author’s email. He believed that his bodyguards would do a good job of protecting him. He had instructed them to stay close to him throughout the show as a precautionary measure.
‘If you want us to be close to you at all times, you should avoid stage-diving today’, Taiwo, his head of Security said. ‘That’s not going to happen. We can work something out though. Have one of your men join the audience when I climb the stage. I’ll dive in his direction’, Bayo said. ‘I guess that’s okay’, Taiwo said.

The Galaxy night lived up to the hype. The auditorium was filled to the brim as people from different parts of the country came to watch their favorite musicians and comedians on stage.
The performance by Deoceezy, Nigeria’s King of RnB, had the crowd dancing to ‘Obianuju’ and ‘Slowdown’. Other musicians such as, Jima, Neji, David and Sean also had the audience singing along at the top of their voices, to their hit songs. Comedians such as Bucketmouth, MC Laugh, Tiny T delivered rib-cracking jokes to the audience.
When, Bayo was called to the stage, the audience cheered loudly. Bayo was a crowd favorite. He ran to the stage as was his custom and started to perform. One of his bodyguards had joined the audience as he had instructed them.

The Author and Lilian were enjoying the show like everyone else in the audience. The Author was dressed in a black suit with a maroon tie. He had chosen this attire to conceal his weapon. Lilian was dressed in a red gown that accentuated her shapely figure. ‘You look very handsome tonight’, Lilian said. ‘Thanks dear. You look exquisite’, the Author said. Lilian blushed. ‘We should go out more often’, she said. ‘I couldn’t agree more’, he replied.
The Author watched as one of Bayo’s bodyguards joined the audience and stood at the centre of the crowd. ‘This can only mean one thing’, He thought.
‘Lilian, let’s move to the centre’, he said and they both pushed their way to the centre of the crowd.

The crowd sang along at the top of their voices to Bayo’s songs. As Bayo started singing his favorite song, ‘Fly Loco’, the crowd cheered louder and he was thrilled by their support. He saw the position of his bodyguard at the centre of crowd and moved towards that direction. He then dove into the crowd in his bodyguard’s direction. The cheers increased as the crowd held him up. After a while, his bodyguards managed to drag him back to the stage.
A woman standing close to the stage pointed at Bayo and screamed. Bayo had been stabbed in the stomach, with a dagger and he was bleeding profusely. He fell to the ground and stopped moving. The crowd was thrown into a pandemonium and everyone ran helter skelter. Taiwo’s men tried to control the bleeding.

‘Let’s try our best to control the bleeding. I’ve already called an ambulance’, Taiwo said. ‘No need for that. He’s already dead’, one of the guards said.


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