The Author (Episode 16)

‘Sit down gentlemen. I was actually about to send for both of you. I just received the full inter-agency report on Bayo’s murder’, Chigozie said to Tom and Jerry. ‘Any promising leads from the report?’ Tom asked. ‘Not really. Apart from the email he received from the Author, there’s not much to work with. The coroner’s report may be something to look into though. The report showed that the dagger used to stab Bayo was laced with the pufferfish poison’, Chigozie said. ‘I don’t understand. The report only proves that someone, probably the Author, really wanted Bayo dead’, Jerry said. ‘It does. It also proves that the Author is an assassin at the top of his game. The pufferfish poison is very rare and costly. He is either very rich or he has wealthy clients’, Chigozie said. ‘This means that he’s no lunatic or some random psycho. Sir, I suggest that you contact the Inspector General of Police with this report. A nationwide, inter-agency manhunt needs to be conducted, if the Author will be apprehended’, Tom said. ‘I agree with you. The only hitch here is that we’re looking for someone that we know nothing about. We don’t know his real name. We don’t know what he looks like. For all we know, the Author could actually represent more than one person’, Chigozie said. ‘That may be true but I also believe that if the manhunt for the Author is sanctioned, the alert levels of our security agencies would be raised and we may be able to catch the Author if he makes his next move. Who knows, we could even get lucky and the Author would make a mistake. We need to be ready to make the most of any slipup by the Author’, Jerry said. ‘You have a valid point. I’ll contact the Inspector General but I want you guys to take a look at the report before I do so. I want to be sure that I didn’t miss anything promising in the report’, Chigozie said. ‘We will, Sir’, both men acknowledged and left the office.
Tom and Jerry were impressed with Chigozie as they left his office. ‘Even with all the awards on his wall, he still wants us, his subordinates to check if he did a thorough job on the report. Some egotistical human beings with less achievements would be acting like they are always perfect’, Tom said. ‘Chigozie is one of a kind. He just wants the job done in the best possible way. We’re lucky to be working under him’, Jerry said as both men moved to their offices to review the report.

‘The Police are going to organize an intense manhunt for you. I’ll suggest that we take a break from the killings for now. No point in risking getting caught’, Lilian said to the Author. They were seated on the sofa in Lilian’s apartment watching the afternoon news. The Author wore a blue t-shirt and black shorts while Lilian wore a yellow flowery dress. Her head was on the Author’s shoulder.
‘You don’t need to worry about the police. I ensured that we left no trail for them to follow. Besides, my next two targets are lowlife thugs. It’ll barely make the news if they’re murdered. It’s just because I want to avenge my brother’s death. Those thugs are way below my pay grade. Part of me feels like killing them will actually put them out of their misery. I’ll kill them anyway. They have to pay with their lives. When I’m done with them, I’ll kill the last person, the leader of the Lion’s Cult that sanctioned my brother’s murder and my mission here is over’, The Author said. ‘I can’t wait for this to be over. I hope you still remember the vacation you promised me?’ Lilian asked. ‘I do. I’m actually looking forward to it’, the Author replied. ‘Are you sure that you wouldn’t need my help with the remaining targets?’ Lilian asked. ‘I’m sure. I actually think that it’s best you go on with your normal life, so no one would connect you to me. I’ll handle the remaining targets. There shouldn’t be any complications from now on. It’ll be a piece of cake’, the Author said.

He had no idea, how wrong he was.



*PS: Apologies for the abrupt fortnight break. It was due to some technical anomalies…. I’m back now…..#bigups*








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