The Author (Episode 17)

Dear Johnbosco,
It is with great gusto and unspeakable euphoria that I write to you this day.
I want to use this medium to inform you that I’ve taken it upon myself to put you out of your misery.
You’ve been living a life of misery these past years. I understand that your wife ran away with your money and your children and left you penniless. You’ve gone from a rich Crime Lord to a lowlife political thug living in the slums. You’ve become a slave to hard drugs, alcohol and depression.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to end your miserable life and liberate you from your suffering. Akpa Village will be better off with you dead.

Yours murderly,
The Author

John Ikenga Madu was not impressed after reading the letter. ‘If this Author did his homework thoroughly, he’d have learnt that I don’t have anything more to lose. He should save his threats for someone who is afraid to die’, He said to himself.
He had been seated at his favorite table at the Jives bar, when a scruffy looking kid walked up to him and gave him an envelope containing the letter. The kid had run off before Johnbosco started reading the letter so he didn’t have the chance to find out who the sender of the letter was.

Johnbosco was the only son of his well-to-do parents. He had been lined up to inherit his father’s Pharmaceutical Industry which was worth millions of naira. As an only son, Johnbosco was spoiled by his parents. He got into trouble a lot and was always in bad company. His father always manged to come to his aid using his wealth and influence. He had joined the Lion’s Cult when he was in hundred level in the University of Nigeria Nsukka. In his third year, he dropped out of school despite the pleas of his parents. He didn’t see the need for school when his father had made enough money for him to live comfortably.
Fate however dealt Johnbosco’s father a fatal blow when his company erroneously produced a defective antibiotic that made its users sterile. The company then came under fire as they were made to pay compensations running into a lot of millions. The company never recovered from all the mass tort suits and eventually had to declare bankruptcy. His father died a year later and his mother died the next year.
With his inheritance gone, Johnbosco ventured into organised crime in order to make money. He became very influential in a few years. He had a very large criminal network that brought in money regularly from various crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, internet fraud, etc. He put his wife Ana, in charge of his finances because he knew that the police were always monitoring his account. Ana had opened an offshore account where all the money was paid into without trace.  He used her because she was the only one he trusted.
Johnbosco suffered yet another misfortune when his wife ran away with his two kids and withdrew all the money that was kept in her care. His wife’s betrayal completely devastated him financially and emotionally. He returned to his village and settled there with hard drugs, alcohol and depression as his only companions. He only joined in election violence because it paid for his alcohol and drugs. He didn’t want to commit suicide because it was an abomination in his village. He just kept drinking and smoking, waiting for the day it would all end for him.’

‘Ifthe Author thinks that I’ll go down alone, he’s in for a big surprise. I’ll take him along to go see my ancestors’, he thought.

The Author walked into Jives Bar and went to a table at the extreme left of the bar. He was able to discreetly watch Johnbosco’s every move from his position.
‘Johnbosco looks like a broken man. He wouldn’t put up much of a fight. I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t committed suicide. Well, if he wouldn’t do it, I’ll do it for him’, the Author thought as he discreetly watched Johnbosco.
He intented to give Johnbosco the privilege of finishing his last beer before he sent him to his ancestors.


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