The Author (Episode 18)

‘Johnbosco, it’s closing time. You have to leave now’, the bartender said as he continuously tapped Johnbosco’s broad shoulders. This had become their daily routine since Johnbosco moved to Akpa village. Johnbosco comes to the bar in the mornings and drinks for the whole day. He falls asleep at the bar, when the alcohol kicks in and the bartender has to eventually wake him by eleven thirty pm, his closing time.
For the first two weeks, the bartender had been doubtful of Johnbosco’s ability to walk home but after watching his large frame stagger successfully to his house which was five blocks away, each night and still show up at the Jives bar, the next morning, he became convinced that the big man could take care of himself.
On this particular night, Johnbosco was more alert than he usually was. The letter he had received from the Author had caused an increased flow of adrenaline coursing through his veins. He was wearing his regular attire of a large black jacket and blue jeans. He had developed the habit of wearing large jackets because it made it easy for him to conceal his weapon. He had stopped carrying his gun because he believed that it was highly likely that he would use the gun to commit suicide instead of defending himself. He still kept a dagger with him because he felt naked without a weapon.
‘Good thing I always carry a weapon. The Author will meet my dagger if he shows up’, he thought as he left the bar. Johnbosco had done the math. He had put himself in the Author’s shoes and decided that the best way to kill him was to ambush him on his way home. It was the only place he would be without help and there wouldn’t be any witnesses. He lived in the same building with four of his men, so he guessed that the Author wouldn’t go to his house. The Jives Bar was also not a good idea because of the large number of witnesses. That made his way home the only viable window for attack.
Knowing this, Johnbosco listened keenly for any unusual sound that would reveal the location of his assailant as he staggered home.
He had limited his drinking that day and the effects of the alcohol had actually worn off but he just kept staggering because he wanted his assailant to assume that he was unstable, thereby giving him an added advantage of the element of surprise. There were no street lights at this part of the village but his eyes had adjusted to the darkness, so he didn’t need to use a flashlight to walk home.

The Author watched Johnbosco as he staggered home. ‘Look how wasted he is. Even a five-year old can eliminate him in his present state. Wine is truly a mocker. This should be a walk in the park for me. I’ll wait for him to get to the ambush point’, the Author thought as he followed Johnbosco at a discreet distance.

Johnbosco walked the first two blocks without any incident and he was beginning to think that he had been pranked by the scruffy looking boy. ‘I’m probably just being overly imaginative because of my lack of action in the past weeks’, he thought.
As he passed the third block, a man appeared in front of him. The man seemed to have come out of the nearby bush. He had a pistol pointed at Johnbosco. The man’s sudden appearance had left Johnbosco momentarily stunned but Johnbosco, remembering his decision that he wouldn’t go down without a fight rammed into his assailant and they both crashed to the floor. Johnbosco’s assailant had not expected this kind of resistance from him. He had managed to pull the trigger before he fell but the bullet did not seem to hit any vital organ as Johnbosco was still fighting like a cornered beast. Johnbosco brought out his dagger and stabbed his assailant multiple times. His assailant had dropped his gun as he fell and both men were bleeding; Johnbosco was bleeding from the bullet wound while his assailant was bleeding from the multiple stab wounds.
Seeing that Johnbosco had gotten the better of him, his assailant groped frantically for his pistol and was fortunate to feel the cold steel of the gun. Johnbosco had not noticed, in the darkness, that his assailant had regained his weapon as he was stabbing him. Johnbosco died with a shocked expression on his face when his assailant shot him twice in the stomach. He collapsed on his assailant who was too weak to move. Johnbosco’s assailant had also lost a lot of blood and he died a few minutes later.


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