The Author (Episode 19)

The Author was still finding it difficult to steady himself. He had been greatly shaken by what he had just witnessed.
‘How could I have been so careless? I didn’t even take into consideration, the fact that Johnbosco was a crime Lord who could hold his own in combat. I just assumed that because he was a broken man, he’d be easy to kill. I almost paid for my carelessness with my life’, the Author thought. He had followed Johnbosco from the Jives Bar, waiting for him to get to a suitable point of ambush. He had pulled out his pistol, gearing up to attack Johnbosco when the other man suddenly appeared from nowhere and attacked Johnbosco. He had stayed hidden and watched Johnbosco fight his assailant like a wounded animal.
‘Johnbosco is smart. He was even staggering so that I’d assume that he was unstable. He was expecting to be attacked and he was willing to defend himself with all his strength. I’m just lucky that I didn’t attack him first. That man just saved my life. Apparently, fate, doesn’t want my mission to be cut short’, the Author said to himself as he drove to his hotel room. He had learnt a valuable lesson. He was not going to make any assumptions about his next targets. He was going to be very careful from then on.
‘It seems like I wasn’t the only one that wanted Johnbosco dead. The man was not exactly a saint but he currently didn’t have any known enemies. He had spent his days smoking and drinking yet someone still wanted him dead. Well, it’s not my business. Johnbosco is dead. That’s what matters to me. Time to move to the next target’, he thought. He was itching to know who Johnbosco’s assailant was but he didn’t want to waste time playing detective when he had a mission to complete. His thoughts were interrupted by his phone’s ringtone. Lilian was calling.
‘Hello dear, how did the mission go?’ she asked. ‘It was successful. Johnbosco is dead. Now, just two people are remaining to be taken care of’, The Author said. ‘That’s great. Just finish with them as soon as possible. I really miss you’, Lilian said. ‘I miss you too. Don’t worry. The mission will soon be over. I’ll see you soon. Take care of yourself’, the Author said and ended the call.
The Author felt better after hearing from Lilian. ‘It’s onto the next target. Time to send Kingsley to his ancestors’, he said out loud.

The police report on Johnbosco’s murder was very brief. The Imo State Police had been informed of the incident when a passerby had seen the dead bodies of the two men, the next morning. The Imo State Police command had a full file on Johnbosco. They knew that he had been a violent man who indulged in a lot of criminal activities. Lack of proof had meant that Johnbosco was able to stay beyond their reach. They were therefore, not surprised at the manner of his death. The report stated that the motive for the murder was probably intra-gang related. The police had however been unsuccessful in identifying the killer.

Four men were having an off-the-books meeting somewhere in Abuja. ‘I don’t think we have any cause to panic. For all we know, their deaths are unrelated’, the first man said. ‘You’re right. They were all members of the same Cult. This could be someone else with another grudge. Let’s not make a storm out of a teacup’, the second man said. ‘Just to be on the safe side, I’d suggest that we use our police connections to track down their leader and  persuade him with cash so he doesn’t expose us. Killing all of them could make some people to start asking questions’, the third man said.
The fourth man just kept watching the other three. He was not in a hurry to voice his opinion. After a while, he finally spoke.
‘It’ll be preposterous to assume that it’s all a coincidence. First Stanford was killed, then Franklin, Bayo and now Johnbosco have also been murdered. I don’t think that anyone here got to this level by taking chances. We can’t err on the side of caution. I’d suggest that we use our resources to eliminate every previous member of the Lion Cult that can expose us;  That way, we would be able to sleep with both eyes closed’, he said.
‘That’s probably the best line of action’, the other three men chorused. ‘It’s decided then. Be rest assured that you won’t regret this decision’, the fourth man said.
The fourth man smiled to himself. He had not told them that he had ordered the hit on Johnbosco. He knew that they always needed a little push to go along with his plan. ‘Now that they’re on board with the plan, killing the remaining two men will be a piece of cake. I may need a contingency plan for stopping the Author though. If he succeeds in talking to either Kingsley or Chisom, we’ll have a bigger problem on our hands’, he thought.



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