The Author (Episode 25)

‘It wasn’t my wish to have Obi, your senior brother murdered’, Chisom began. ‘You’re either experiencing memory loss because of your age or you’re hoping that I was too young to remember the events of that day. I was there that day and I remember everything that happened. Your men said that you sent them to kill Obi because his girlfriend, Damilola spurned your proposal. You had my elder brother murdered because of some chick that you didn’t end up marrying’, the Author said. ‘You have to believe me, my hand was forced by people more powerful than I was’, Chisom said. ‘You were the leader of the Lions Cult- the most powerful cult back then. Even the Vice Chancellor would have had a hard time forcing your hand’, the Author said. ‘We were the most powerful cult but we couldn’t do without funding. There were four students who were extremely rich. Their parents also had great political influence. They always donated huge sums of money to us and we did their bidding in return’, Chisom said. ‘Are you saying that they were the ones that wanted Obi dead?’ the Author asked. ‘I didn’t understand it then. They just said that they wanted Obi killed in the presence of his family and that was all. I wasn’t given any explanation’, Chisom replied.
The Author was silent for some minutes. He was trying to process what he had just heard. ‘I feel like you’re trying to buy yourself more time with these lies. You’re not the first man to kill another man because of a woman. Stop trying to transfer the blame to others’, the Author said after a while. ‘Trust me, Dami may have been a beautiful girl but there were also other beautiful girls back then in University of Nigeria. Besides, I didn’t like her as much as I liked some other girls back then. I just wanted to give my men a reason to commit murder. Obi was a hard-working, diligent and peace-loving student. If I had threatened him and asked him to leave Dami, he would have done so.ย  I didn’t even have the stomach to lead the operation, that was why I sent my men instead’, Chisom said.
‘Who were the four men that gave the order?’ the Author asked. ‘I know what you’re thinking. You may be one of the best assassins in the world but these men are untouchable; going after them will be suicide’, Chisom said. ‘Given my past successful assassinations, I don’t believe that there’s anyone I can’t get to, no matter how powerful. I set out to avenge my brother. I’ll not rest until the mission is completed’, the Author said. ‘I think you should be more worried about your safety and the safety of anyone you care about. Those men know who you are. They’ve probably sent assassins after you and anyone close to you’, Chisom said.
‘The assassins are welcome to try. I’ll gladly send them to meet their Maker’, the Author said. ‘You may be sure of yourself but what about the people you love. Be rest assured that these people will exploit any weaknesses that they find’, Chisom said.
‘Why don’t you work with me. You said it yourself that it’s a suicide mission. You already want to end your life. What better way to end your life than to avenge the death of your girlfriend?’ the Author asked. ‘Honestly, I don’t care about Elizabeth. She tried to run away with my money. She betrayed me. Women are scum. I’m going to help you though. They tried to kill me too’, Chisom replied. ‘That’s good. Let’s give it our best shot. We’ll attack them before they can see us coming’, the Author said and extended his hand. Both men shook hands in agreement.
‘Give me a minute. I’ll be right back’, the Author said and walked out of the bar. He wanted to confirm that Lilian was safe. He also wanted to inform her of his predicament and warn her to be on alert.
Chisom watched the Author leave the bar. He immediately ordered another bottle of beer. ‘No need taking it easy on my liver. I’ll be dead soon enough’, he thought. Chisom’s thoughts were interrupted by his phone’s ringtone. He saw the caller ID and stiffened. ‘The Author should come quickly. We really need to get out of here’, He thought.

The Author dialed Lilian’s number but the call was not answered. He dialed the number again and again but there was still no answer. ‘Is it possible that they’ve gotten to her? Or did she just lose her phone?’ the Author asked himself. He prayed inwardly that Lilian was safe. He was going to Enugu to find her and send her out of the country.ย  ‘I can’t run forever. If I don’t eliminate these men, I’ll never be safe. They may be powerful but I’ll show them that I’m the Author and the finisher’, the Author said to himself as he walked back to the bar.



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  1. Wow! This one na sure TV series bruh. And I want to play the part of my name. I just hope I don’t die soon.

    Nice one bruh. It’s phenomenal.

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