The Author (Episode 26)

‘We need to leave, now’, the Author said as he approached Chisom. ‘I totally agree with you; but where are we going?’ Chisom asked. ‘To find my partner’, the Author replied. The two men left the bar and the Author flagged down a cab. The cab drove them back to the place where the Author’s car was parked. The two men then began their journey in the Author’s car.

Dr. Allison whistled happily as he prepared for his date. He was glad that he didn’t listen to the voice of reason, two weeks ago. After meeting with Dr. Lilian that fateful night when she came to the hospital with an injured patient, he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her. He hadn’t been able to understand it. Dr Lilian was beautiful, but so were some other women, he had come across. She had even mentioned that she had a boyfriend; meaning that she wasn’t exactly available. All these, coupled with the fact that Lilian had given him a wrong number, hadn’t stopped him from falling for her. Allison had managed to suppress his feelings initially, but after a few days, he could take it no more. ‘I’ll track her down and ask her out’, he had decided. He didn’t have her number but he knew where she worked.
He had gone to the University of Nigeria Teaching hospital, early the next morning. On getting there, he had been informed by the nurse at the front desk that Dr Lilian was on leave. He had gotten Lilian’s phone number and house address from the nurse after he had managed to persuade her with some money.
Armed with Lilian’s address and phone number, he had thought of calling her, but he decided against it. He had opted for showing up at her front door instead. The voice of reason had tried to discourage him as he drove to Lilian’s house. ‘Her boyfriend could be home. She’d think that you’re being creepy and get a restraining order against you. It’s better to call her first’, it said.
Allison hadn’t listened. He had approached Lilian’s door, took a deep breath and pressed the door bell. He had waited for what seemed like an eternity before Lilian opened the door.
‘Dr. Allison, what are you doing here?’ she had asked, clearly shocked to see him. He hadn’t been able to reply because despite his rehearsed lines, he had become tongue-tied. She had invited him in, though and he had managed to find his voice after sometime. They had become quite close after that day.

‘It’s a good thing I took the risk that day. Who’d have guessed that she’d finally fall for me?’ Allison thought as he adjusted his tie.

‘It’s seems like you’ve concluded that your partner is dead’, Chisom said. The Author took his eyes off the road and glanced briefly at Chisom before focusing on the road ahead. ‘I don’t understand. Why would you say that?’ the Author asked. ‘It’s because you’re driving too fast. Do you want us to have an accident and meet him in the land of the dead? I prefer death by poison to death by car accident’, Chisom said. The Author chuckled. ‘Trust me, I can handle this speed. I was trained by the best. I just want us to get to Enugu as soon as possible. We may get there in time, to save the day’, he said.

Lilian had been waiting for Allison to pick her up for their movie date when the Author called. She had ignored the call because she didn’t want to abruptly end her conversation with the Author, when Allison came. She had fallen for Allison against her better judgement. She knew that she’d have to stop seeing him once the Author arrives. ‘The Author will kill him if he finds out about us’, she thought.

‘You’ve been very quiet tonight. What’s the matter?’, Allison asked. ‘My boyfriend would soon be back in town. I’ll have to stop seeing you’, Lilian answered. They had gone for a walk after seeing a movie. Allison was dressed in a black suit, white shirt and blue tie, while Lilian wore a blue designer gown and matching blue stilettoes.
‘Don’t worry about me. I knew what I was getting myself into by asking you out. I’m still glad that I did though’, he said. ‘I’m not worried about you. I’ll miss you’, she said. ‘If you want to be with me, it’s your choice to make’, he said. ‘It’s not that simple’, she replied. ‘It seems pretty straightforward to me. It’s your……’ Allison stopped talking mid-sentence when two young men, armed with daggers blocked their path as they entered a dark corner of the street.
Who goes you?!’ one of the men shouted. ‘Begin submit everything wey you carry‘, the other man said in pidgin English.
Lilian swore inwardly. She hadn’t seen the need to bring her pistol along for their date. She felt so helpless as she handed over her purse to the men.
‘Hey! Leave those ones. They don’t have enough money. Come to me. I’ll give you a lot of money’, a voice shouted from about a hundred metres away. They all turned towards the direction of the voice and they saw a man walking towards them. It was the Author.
Lilian was thrilled. ‘The Author is about to send two souls to their early graves’, she thought.
She however became worried when she gave it a second thought. ‘He’ll discover that I’ve been seeing Allison. He’ll probably kill him too’, she thought.
She closed her eyes and silently prayed that the Author would not decide to kill Allison alongside the two men.


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