The Author (Episode 28)

Chisom had just entered his hotel room, after meeting with the Author, when his phone rang. It was Michael. He answered the call and started ranting.
‘You sent people to kill me. My love was murdered’, Chisom said. ‘Calm down man. It wasn’t my fault. The others panicked. They didn’t want the Author to find out about them. It was three against one. My hands were tied’, Michael said. ‘Well, my own hands are also tied here. I know better than to try to betray the Author’, Chisom said. ‘You should remember that the only reason why we sent men after you was because of the Author. If he is killed, no one will bother you again. Besides, we have more to offer. You know very well that we could hasten your movement to the top of the Nigerian Police Force and help you gain a lot of political favours. Trust me, once you become very rich and powerful, you’ll meet someone that’ll make you forget Elizabeth. If you join the Author, you’ll become a fugitive in the end; that is if you manage to stay alive. You’re a smart man. I trust that you’ll make the smart choice’, Michael said.
Chisom took a deep breath. ‘I’ll think about it’, he said. ‘Do that and get back to me. You’re working with the Author now. You can find out all there is to know about him. With such knowledge, we can easily ambush him and kill him. Trust me, he may not be as invincible as you think’, Michael said and ended the call.
Chisom lay on his bed that night, thinking about all that Michael had said. ‘Michael made a lot of valid points. I stand to gain a lot, if I betray the Author. On the other hand, it’ll be foolish of me to think that I’ll go scot-free, if the Author finds out about my plans. Becoming the Inspector General of Police would be one of the best things that’ll happen to me though. I’ll just tread carefully and study the Author for a while before I decide my next course of action’, he thought.

Early the next morning, Chisom had decided to go for a walk to clear his head. He put on his black track suit and black sneakers and left his room. As he walked out of the hotel’s entrance, he saw the Author heading towards the car park. ‘Where’s he going to, this early? I have to follow him and find out’, he thought. Chisom was glad that on instinct, he had rented a car as soon as they had arrived at the hotel, the day before. He rushed to his room and grabbed his keys. He began following the Author at a discreet distance. He had followed the Author to Lilian’s house. The Author had driven past the house and parked his car at a distance. Chisom had also parked his car across the street. It wasn’t dawn yet. The low visibility had helped Chisom follow the Author without being noticed.

Chisom had watched the house for a while before he saw a cab approaching the house. A woman alighted from the cab and entered the house. ‘The Author has a mistress; I’ve found his weakness’, he thought.
After a short while, he saw the Author storm out of the house and slam the door. Chisom had momentarily panicked, thinking that the Author may decide to observe his surroundings and spot the car but his worries were obliterated when he saw the hurt look on the Author’s face. The Author had walked straight to his car and sped off.

‘He clearly loves her. They must have had a fight. Things just got a lot more interesting’, Chisom thought as he drove off. He had wanted to hang around and find out more about the Author’s mistress but he didn’t want to be late for his meeting with the Author that morning. ‘I’ll come back later and find out all that I need to know. The Author may get suspicious if he doesn’t find me at the hotel’, he thought.

A distraught Lilian had watched from her window as the Author drove off. Tears were running down her cheeks. She was about to retire to her roomΒ  when she saw a black Camry across the street following the Author’s car. She immediately memorised the car’s license plate number. ‘That car doesn’t belong to any of my neighbors. The Author is being followed. I must warn him. I’ll also forward the license plate number to him’, she thought. She brought out her phone and called the Author.


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