The Author (Episode 29)

Lilian dialed the Author’s number several times but the calls were not answered. ‘Is it that he’s not answering because he’s still mad at me or because he has been captured already?’ she asked out loud. ‘I desperately need to find him. I’m not ready for a life without him’ she thought.

‘I have the Author’s location’, Michael said. He was on a conference call with the other three men over a secure line. ‘Are you certain about this?’ one of the men asked. ‘Yes. After we found out that Chisom had escaped, I had a hunch that the Author may have gotten to him first, so I called him. I tried to convince him to betray the Author. He didn’t deny working with the Author. I know very well that the Author would want to keep him at arm’s reach’, Michael said. ‘You mean that Chisom just gave up his location, just like that?’ the second man asked. ‘Not exactly. I used a stone to kill two birds. I had the call traced as we were discussing. My men traced the call to Oceanview hotel, in Enugu here’, Michael said. ‘Well done Michael. That was a very smart move. I suggest that we send men there, as soon as possible before the Author changes his location’, the third man said. ‘That’s exactly why I called for this emergency meeting. I wanted to be sure that you guys approve of the mission’, Michael said. ‘You have our full approval’, the three men chorused. ‘Make sure that you use the best men for the job’, the third man added. ‘I’ll do just that. I have to get to work now. I’ll report back to you when the mission is completed’, Michael said and ended the call.

The Author went straight to the bar and chose a table at the extreme left.  He was still wearing the black t-shirt and blue jeans, he had worn to Lilian’s house. He had ordered two bottles of beer as he waited for Chisom to arrive.
Chisom had rushed to his room to prepare for the meeting. He changed into a large, black, long sleeved shirt and brown trousers. He had waited outside the bar for a while, to compose himself before venturing into the bar. He spotted the Author and moved towards him.

‘I know only one person among the four men. His name is Michael Offor’, Chisom said as soon as he had settled in his chair. ‘I don’t understand. How then can you tell that they are four? ‘How did you get to meet them?’ the Author asked. ‘I’ll have to start from the beginning for you to understand’, Chisom said. ‘I’m all ears’, the Author replied.
‘There was a time when the Lion’s Cult was not so powerful. Infact, we were one of the least popular fraternities in the University of Nigeria, then. Our leader at that time, foolishly decided to go to war with the Vampires Cult, the most powerful cult then, because his girlfriend left him for their leader. We were decimated by the Vampires. Most of us were injured, our leader and two of his deputies were killed. I was made the new leader of what was left of the Lion’s Cult.
One evening, I had gone to visit some of our members who were badly injured and still receiving treatment at the hospital. I was told by one of them that someone had paid all their medical bills. He had dropped his phone number for me to contact him. I called the number and he asked me to meet him at a bar. It was at the bar that he introduced himself as Michael and promised to give us all the financial aid and every other aid we needed to become powerful, on the condition that I do his bidding and that of his friends. It was a no-brainer really.  The Lion’s Cult were down and out. Michael’s father was the governor of Enugu State, then. He was rich and he had political influence. We needed all the help we could get, so I agreed to their proposal.
True to their word, the Lion’s Cult got all the support that they needed and we became the most powerful fraternity after a while. We had better weapons, the school authority didn’t rusticate our members as they did other cultists and the police were instructed to look the other way when we were involved. I kept our own end of the bargain by providing men for electoral violence and eliminating political opponents. I also did everything they asked me to do, including eliminating your brother. I can’t say why they wanted him dead. I never asked them any questions. I just obeyed their orders’, Chisom said. The Author was silent for a while before responding. ‘Our best line of action will be to get to Michael first and make him expose the rest’, he said. ‘I think so too’, Chisom said.

Two men wearing Enyimba FC jerseys had been watching the Author and Chisom as they discussed, from their table at the centre of the bar. One of the men spoke into his radio. ‘Chisom is here. He’s discussing with another man. I guess that’s the Author’, he said.

Seyi and his men had been waiting in a black tinted van parked across the road, opposite the Oceanview hotel. ‘Gentlemen, Chisom and the Author have been located. Our mission is a go. Let’s move out’, Seyi said.


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